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    New book, as in 2012, so it can't have been out long. Thomas Koloniar is a former cop who lives in Mexico, and seems to be a socialist, or at least the last half of the book quotes the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto every few pages and pushes it as a "better way". Also a minor figure is a ex-prez half white/one-sixteenth black socialist/moslem who is "well loved". The ex-prezes wife is never mentioned, so she must have been off on one of her many, many, many vacations when the asteroid hit.

    To start, an asteroid is headed to Earth and the hero of the story, Jack Forrest and his Green Beret buddies, having been tipped off by their military buddies, buy an old misslie silo and stock it with food, then invite single women with children to join them as pretty much all the human race is going to be SOL.

    Marty Chittenden sees the asteroid, which the gov't already knows ab0ut and is covering up, and blows the whistle to an old astronomer named Ester, who then moves to Hawaii and joins ex Prez Barry H., a half white, one-sixteenth black socialist Moslem (Gee, I can't hink who that might be!) who retired to Hawaii after two terms (GAG!) and is still well loved after bankrupting America (GAG!).

    After two years, the Air Force (the military is bad, bad, bad they helped cover up the asteroid, and of course all the baddies here are White too) leaves their base and starts to loot and kill everyone to...well I'm not sure, they don't want to help anyone survive, they kill all the men, women and children, and basicly are bad, bad people who want to kill and destroy for no good reason. Oh, by the way, everyone except Hawaii and Jack and company, are cannibals, because everything, and one, is dead and nothing grows in the "nuclear winter", so humans are the only food.

    I hope the guy gets money for all the product plugs here, Camel cigs and Zippo Lighters are literally mentioned on every other page, with a few other product plugs, makes you wonder why Coke didn't get honorable mention too. OK, it really wasn't that bad, but bad enough. All the banalities and stupid comments are enough to drive you crazy too however. The hero goes to the gas station to buy gas and "pulls directly up to the pumps". As opposed to driving around the lot a few times I guess. "The USA is a demonracy" (yes, that is spelled correctly) and NOT a Republic! Jack (the hero) jokes that if everyone bought a silo and stocked it with food and children, that the "economy would implode", as opposed to the US being wiped off the map by an asteriod strike and the world suffering a nuclear winter with 99% of the human race being wiped out. The asteroid throws up "stone sized" stones. Every time some one fires a gun it smells of "cordite" and everyone gets hit with "shrapnell". OK, these two might be a bit esoteric for some, but cordite hasn't been used since WW II, and then only by the Brits, so no one is smelling Cordite (which has a distictive smell), and the proper term is shell fragments.

    Another thing that bugs me is he uses the first name, last name and first letter of the first name interchangably, making it hard to figure out which minor charator he is ranting about. Jack Forrest is the hero, but it is "Jack", "Forrest" and "J" interchangably. Now add in 30+ minor charactors who might oinly get mentioned three of four times each in the book,and try to figure out who is who.

    Bottom line, it really isn't as bad as I made it out, but there is nothing new or to learn here either. A good way to waste a few hours, but you would be better off reading something useful, like the back of a ceral box.
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    Blech. Think I'll pass.
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