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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by marlas1too, Feb 9, 2016.

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    well I was given maybe 300 canning jars and several had midland and all I can find on them is quarts but I have a lot of pints too---I know mason ,ball,atlas Kerr but never midland till today so I’m asking who made them I'm at a loss
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    then why do i have them in pints too
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    I bought a basket full of old canning jars. They were in different sizes. I thought it would be fun to use the old jars because they had the coloring and were so different, I thought it would be great to put pickles in the larger ones. Then I realized that the glass felt different, plus I read @ditch witch's post about a jar breaking. I opted not to use the real old ones for canning.

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    $3-15 on ebay. Maybe best to sell them off and buy shiney new ones. Jar breakage is no fun.
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    Canning Jars

    Great info on basic canning do's and don'ts
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    THis site has some really great free lessons for various canning
    Canning and Preserving Class
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Canning & Preserving
    In this lesson, I give a brief overview of what you'll be learning throughout the class, discuss why food spoils and how preserving stops spoilage in its tracks, and what tools and equipment you'll need to preserve like a boss.

    Lesson 2: Boiling Water Bath Canning
    The simplest (and least expensive) of the two popular home canning methods, boiling water bath canning can be used to make canned whole fruit, jams, spreads, preserves, jellies, pickles, and more!

    Lesson 3: Vinegar Pickling
    This preservation technique can be used with either water bath canning or refrigeration to make pickled vegetables, chutneys, and more. All hail pickled delicious things!

    Lesson 4: Lacto-Fermentation
    This preservation method requires the least amount of work and delivers the most health benefits. This simple process has the power to transform cabbage and other veggies into sauerkraut, kimchi and more, all containing beneficial probiotics.

    Lesson 5: Freezing
    While it may seem too simple a topic to include here, there are actually some important tricks to freezing food properly in order to maintain maximum quality, nutritional value and flavor. Let's learn them!

    Lesson 6: Drying / Dehydrating
    Dehydrating, along with lacto-fermentation, are the two oldest forms of food preservation. It's also the only one of these 5 methods that will allow you to store some foods indefinitely!

    Lesson 7: To the Pantry and Beyond!
    Now that you've started down the road of 'putting food by', what now? I'll share ways that you can up your game and give you a big high five for graduating from my class!
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