Canning Hot Dogs??

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Mule, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Wanted to know if anyone has tried to can hot dogs and how they turned out. It looks like it should work, sorta like large vienna sausages in a quart jar. Thanks for the help and suggestions

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    i used to pickle them little cocktail sausages with vinigar and spices man they was hot. but good. infact i might try doing some more sinse you brung it up.
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    Please post your concoctions and "how-to's" as it would be greatly appreciated


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    from what i remember i used vinegar/ zatarans seafood boil in the bags.and the crushed red pepper in the jar . then i added some tabasco and a bit of salt not much salt though.then you let them set for about 3 weeks and then start eating. you just have to experiment with diferent spaices to see what you like . one thing you can do is go to the store and if they sell them pickled hot sausage in the jars at walmart read the back of the jar and see what they have in it paprika is another season i use too. it will take you a few times to get the right formula but after you dial it in people will be bedding for them.

    you do need to boil the sausage first and put them into the vinegar when they are hot i forgot to mention that part.the fat in the sausage will keep it from soakinup the flavor but when you boil them you cook pretty much all the fat out. now some people boil them in vinegar and some boil them in water i find boiling them in vinegar is a bit better it's even better if you add a little spice to the vinegar while boiling them.
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    <CENTER>Canning Hot Dogs....It can be Done!</CENTER>

        • There has been much discussion on the internet regarding whether or not it is possible or even recommended to can hot dogs. They are usually very cheap and available, and it makes sense to try to keep some for hard times or even for inconvenient times such as snow storms and power failures. You may not eat hotdogs because of their nitrate and nitrite content. I understand. However, for me and my family, they beat eating snowballs and I decided to find a way to preserve them.

          There are two methods that I have found to be satisfactory. The first is the basic recipe, the second one just a variation.
          Hot dogs vary widely in size and weight, so I cannot tell you how many to buy and how many will fill a quart. I purchased small, thin hotdogs and used 10 of them per quart jar.

          You must pressure can the hot dogs! Do not attempt to water bath these. You will risk making your family very sick!
        • First, you heat the water in your pressure canner, boil your lids and rings and boil your jars.
        • Next, you have to make or purchase a sauce. I made a sauce out of home canned tomatoes and added spices and herbs and a bit of sugar til I liked the taste. I purchased BBQ sauce and diluted it with a bit of beef broth. This last concoction was the easiest. You have to have quite a bit of sauce, it takes about 2 cups of sauce for each quart jar.
        • Finally, you heat your sauce to a boil and cut up the hotdogs in the sauce. Cut them up into 1 1/2 - 2 inch pieces. This is what keeps them from bursting. Bring this to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
          Loosely pack the hot dog pieces in the hot jars up to the shoulder. Pour in sauce to within 1 inch of the neck. Clean off the neck and rim of the jar with a clean damp cloth. Place the hot lids and rings on the jars and place them in the boiling water in the pressure canner as you fill them.
          Process the jars for 90 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure.

          Another method is to use canned pork and beans in place of the sauce. Home made beanie weinies!
          You could can hot dogs that are cut up like these in broth instead of a sauce. I haven't tried that so I don't know what they would taste like.
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    Thanks Quig----

    Canned ot dogs and my Shiloh Sharps rifles-------now I can go to my doomstead in peace

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    I'm resurrecting a dead thread because I want to see if anyone has done this and how they turned out. Specifically how the hot dogs texture was, was it the same as normal hot dog weenies or did they get mushy? I got a recipe for spicy pickled fridge weenies but if they can well I'd love to put up some jars.

    Cheap hot dog weenies, not the good beef ones or lil smokies.
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    As I understand it Fat is your food storage enemy unfortunately and all fats will go stale and eventually ruin the food it's in.
    This includes pancake mixes and other things made with a margin of fat/oil.
    Unfortunately, the body needs fat so you need to make preparation for the future.
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