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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by marlas1too, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. marlas1too

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    replaced all the wooden raised boxes ( were rotting after 5 years) with old tractor tires and bobcat tires all are filled now -over 100 so far going to be a great year-ordered heirloom bean seeds from baker creek seeds and can hardly wait for the dragon toung and string beans to be ready plus tomatoes,squash,cucumbers,peppers,egg plants and greens lots and lots of fresh veggies ----woo hoo finally get out of the house
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    Good on ya'.
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    Gosh, I know what you mean. We went and bought organic veggies today and planted in our livestock pots. We mowed yesterday and burned brush. You are right, it is so good to get out and just do stuff. I am enjoying my greenhouse too. The Romas are coming up good =, but, the mortgage lifters are really taking their time or some are not going to germinate.
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  4. marlas1too

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    love Roma and the golden giants and black Cherokee tomatoes -- I'm salivating already for some
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  5. marlas1too

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    finally found out how to post
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