Cap and Ball REvolvers

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by jim, Nov 12, 2006.

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    I'm interested in getting one or more. Probably in .44 caliber. Any suggestions as to what brands/models to stay away from?

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    While I don't find C&B revolvers reliable enough for betting my life on in defense, they are great fun for recreational shooting! I have three brass-framed .44 models. One is a Pietta made in the seventies (got it at K-mart of all places!), the 1851 Navy. Second is an 1860 Army Pietta made in the '80s.
    Third is another 1851 Navy from Midway (made by Pietta). It is the best, most accurate and reliable.

    Pietta is an Italian company, with a decent reputation. Not the best, but a good buy for the money.
    Using a moderate (27 grain) load of Hodgdon 777 powder, it shoots 1.5 inch groups at 25 yards, after I installed a blade front sight to lower point of impact. They all tend to shoot high with the bead front sight.
    Heavy loads will stress the brass frame, so you'd be better to go to the steel frame if you want real power.
    I was very pleased with the speed of shipping from Midway - had the gun in less than a week!
    Cabella's has them too, though I don't know who makes them for Cabella's.
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