Car Cigarette Anti-GPS System

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by hidden211, May 2, 2013.

  1. hidden211

    hidden211 And thats no BULL!!!!!!

  2. kellory

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    Why bother, just turn stuff off. Only place I can see a use for that thing is if you happen to like stealing cars with "On Star"
  3. Airtime

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    Or perhaps if you suspect a hidden tracking device might be attached to one's vehicle.

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  4. kellory

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    I can see that, however, range is only 3-5 meters. Better hope tracker is low power.
  5. Airtime

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    The key is to disrupt the GPS signals that a tracker would normally pick up so it could record all your travels for examination when the tracker is retrieved later. A friend of mine had one of these he hid on his 17 y.o. daughter's car and confirmed his suspicions she was sneaking out at night and driving to a college town 50 miles away to party. Another kind of tracker transmits a location via radio or cell system but if the jammer disrupts a tracker's reception of the GPS signals then it won't have a position to transmit to those following your movements in real time. There is a ham radio/Internet system called APRS that a DIYer could cheaply and easily use to follow someone let alone law enforcement systems that do likewise.

  6. kellory

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    I work with radio transmitters daily, so I do see the applications. However, even a lack of information is information. by blocking the signal, you have alerted the watcher. It is the dog that didn't bark. (Hounds of the Baskervilles)
  7. BTPost

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    If you want to defeat OnStar, what you need to do is cut the Cellular Antenna off the BlockBox... that way the vehicle still runs, but there is no Comms to the BlackBox to allow external control of ANYTHING, and it the BlackBox can NOT PhoneHome to report ANYTHING.... and you are NOT violating any Federal Statutes or Regulations..... .....

    Passive GPS Trackers that do NOT PhoneHome, are cheap & easy to use, as long as you have access to the intended Target, and can retrieve the Tracker for downloading the collected data. Active GPS Transponders that DO PhoneHome, are more dangerous, as they allow Remote Tracking by anyone with the Access Number, in real time....
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