Car running completely on Hydrogen (water)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Aug 24, 2010.

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    That is cool!

    Glen Beck said he dot to drive the proto type by GM a couple years ago. He also said that, I think, GM and Shell had a deal together. But the Obama jerks stoped it.
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    You do know what will happen to the price of water if they ever do make cars run on it? Not everybody lives next to the ocean....and I am willing to bet that will be mostly oil anyway in a few more years.
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    LOL...I sure hope not!
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    Yeah, right...more "scientists"...
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    Hmmm....gonna have to HIDE my well then!
    Maybe put an "outhouse building" over it as a front?
    Or, a fake boulder made of fiberglass over chicken wire, that looks like it weighs a few tons!
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    Or just put up a sign: "NO, THIS IS NOT A WELL"... [booze]
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    People already pay more per gallon for bottled water at the convenience store than they do for a gallon of gas. Doesn't seawater need to be desalinated for use in the HHO cells? Solar stills can easily be used on an individual level but at an industrial level cost would be prohibitive.

    With our insatiable appetite to drive the Great Lakes won't last our lifetimes! Increased moisture in the air changing weather pattern and rain fall... Ocean levels rise...New Orleans is doomed. Oh well.

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    Hmmmm...if you do electrolysis of sea water, it will be much more effective then of desalinized water...salt water conducts electricity much better.
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    Imagine the salt built up in the cell. The way I understand it the HHO welders are supposed to be run with distilled water even. You want as little contamination in the water as possible.

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    I have done normal, ordinary electrolysis before in a sort of plastic bucket. To improve it, I had to put either salt or acid, but i didn't notice any salt buildup...maybe in long time it would...
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    Neat scheme. Hydrogen is not at all a bad fuel, but the energy content is less dense than liquid fuels (including LNG and LPG.) What I didn't see in the advertisement is how they charge the onboard deep cycle batteries. Whether or not the dollars per mile stacks up against gasoline or diesel remains an open question, and the cost to charge the batteries has to add up.
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    True...personally, in addition to alternator charging, I would put a charging circuit on all wheels, so they act as generators recharging the batteries..
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    When they are showing the engine compartment they mention an isolator, that is how they keep the DC bat's charged.

    When the engine is running the alternator is charging both the engine battery and sending juice to the DC bats. When the engine is off, the isolator prevents the engine battery from being drained.

    Lots of ways to add a 2nd or more battery to your vehicle. I've thought about doing it for nothing more than a backup. Have some aux stuff that runs on the second battery so you don't drain your starting battery. But, if the need ever came up where your main battery was dead or stopped working, you already had a spare ready to go.
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    He was talking about needing 55 amps to run the electrolysis cell. That's a pretty good drain, even if the alternator is a heavy duty type. I remain skeptical about the overall economics of the system.
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    That was another couple of yokels who should have paid more attention in school. Does anyone really think they've really found a way around the laws of thermodynamics? Who here thinks they can get more energy out of recombining hydrogen and oxygen in a combustion reaction than it took to separate those two elements from water? Anyone? Bueller?
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    Really? Ever heard of Nikola Tesla and his car? Do you really believe that COP>1 is impossible? Check Minuteman missile story! Laws of thermodynamics?!? I would suggest you not going there! Once you put up solar panels, how much energy can you get from them? Once you put up Windmill, how much can you get and for how long? Why is CERN built 300 meters underground? To avoid high energy particles that penetrate everything! Half of the science we "know" is wrong, and the other half is unknown to us! Energy is everywhere in abundance, but our "science" is faulty, inconclusive and corrupted! We went from abacus to supercomputers in few decades, but we can't make anything work without oil? Do you know that an ordinary transistor when exposed to sun gives 0.5 volts? If those guys put generator coils on all 4 wheels, they'll have energy surpluss and replenish the battery used for electrolisys...Heck, they could even put a fan up in the back of the truck to act like windmill when truck is moving, and generate power! They could put solar cells on the roof! They can even put a fan generator on the exaust pipe, and another generator coil on the cooling fan! Would you care to try and calculate the input power over the output there? And the only expense here would be the water you put in, and since our planet is 3/4 water...
    There's like million ways of producing COP>1 effect and a lot of experiments proved that!
    Do you really believe that oil is the only thing that can power our civilization?
    I have been working on these things for many years and done things that "science" says are "ïmpossible"...LOL
    And funny enough, as soon as something new or revolutionary pops up, chordes of debunkers come crawling from their holes trying to prove how those things are "impossible", and nothing can replace oil! If inventors persist with their discoveries, they are publicly ridiculed, insulted on media, proclaimed to be hoaxers, thieves or lunatics, and are even killed in all sorts of accidents!
    Debunkers go wild trying to discredit anyone that even dares to research, and they even attack people on the boards that agree with researchers!
    Their favourite lines are "if it was possible, it would be in use"!...No, it wouldnt! The BigOil makes sure of that!

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    A good friend of mine is one of the 3 engineers on the Tesla
    I will see if I can get him to sign on and comment
    he also helped build the battery pack and drive train for a Volvo concept electric car
    he put a lot of work in the the battery and drivetrain of a Venturi prototype that is now in production
    Tesla Roadster prototype on left and AC Propulsion T-zero on right
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    And so, old friend, it's time for a reality check in Macedonia. Barring some really astounding discoveries that are not on the horizon, a device or system that puts out more than goes in ain't gonna happen. [beat] [booze]
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