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    In light of the rising fuel prices, soon the automobile might just be used for recreational purposes. Driving might have to become a sport, much like hunting has become. When you look at all the new firearms regulations and such and the various big game seasons set aside for hunting with special purpose weapons like muzzle-loading season, archery season, rifle season, hand-gun season....follow me here? You got it! Lets propose a special automobile season!. We can take the old SUV out, fit her up with a crash cage over the wind shield, some impaling bars and hit the roads for some high-speed running down deer. I took a really nice seven point buck a few years back with my buick, he might have been a 14 pointer, for all I know, but the horns kinda got damaged in the collision and I was only able to identify seven antler tips....wouldn't make much of a wall-mount but boy, was the sausage good! Sixty-five miles an hour and I must have dragged that sucker two hundred feet before we hit the ditch.
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    Going through my dads old photos I found a picture of his first car, with some major front end damage. I asked my mom, what did dad hit, a deer? She said she didn't know, but his brother might. Later that day my uncle just happened to ask, "Do you know what happened to your dads green car?" I said the Imapala?, it looked like he hit a deer or something and showed him the pics.

    He laugh and said, "No, he didn't hit the deer, he was watching 2 deer in short shorts walking down the street. Your dad didn't notice the drive infront of him stop".
    OK, sorry to go off on a tangent, now back to your regular thread.
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