Carry a good knife in the woods.

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Electric-Amish, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Ayoub had a great article on carrying a weapon in the woods or around your house in this month's Backwoods Home. I think everyone should be armed in the woods.

  3. ghostrider

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    A good .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, or the new .480 Ruger would've meant this guy didn't have to do the Tarzan thing and jump on the bear.
  4. Blackjack

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    Absolute and Total BS!!

    90 kg bear = 198 pounds

    15cm knife = 5.9 inches

    "run around to the back of the bear, get on its back and with my knife start stabbing it."

    and to top it off... minor injuries.

    Sorry, the smell of Bullshit it flooding my nostrils right now.
    No way did this really happen. The guy is full of crap!

    I might believe he scared it off, but not killed it. He's seen too many movies.
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    The dude was extremely lucky. Years ago there was some Karate Master from Japan wanted to bear hunt in Colorado with his sword, and found a guide that would take him. He won, but the surgeon's comment was, he didn't know which one would have been easier to save. The bear was about the same size as that one.

    Or he could have shot it with a bow, and this is just the cover-up.
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    I carry a large folding buck knife with me everywhere. I also carry a large centerfire rifle with me when I'm out at the woodlot (usually a Mosin-Nagant). I did run into a bear, and did have the time to get a good line of sight on him with the rifle. The bear wanted no trouble and headed off. No shot was ever fired.

    I'll tell you what, though, if it came down to "hand to hand" (hand to paw?), I'd feel awfully underarmed with a buck knife. Hell even with my Ka-Bar I'd feel very vulnerable. I've got the weight and height advantage over almost any bear out here but those things are incredibly strong, fast, well-armed, and well-protected.
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    You need to find a link to that, I bet it would be an interesting read about a stupid Japanese.
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    Electric Amish.. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't criticizing you, for that matter I don't even think it was necessary for you to check it out before posting it. And I do agree about always being armed in the woods..... well, the city too for that matter [​IMG]

    I just don't believe the guy is telling the truth.

    And Ghostrider... I would SO love to read about the swordfight, that's great!
  10. ghostrider

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    Friend of mine was living in Colorado then. Article was in local paper, probably early 80s.
  11. Valkman

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    You should carry a good knife just to have a good knife - in the woods or elsewhere. If you only carry a knife into bear country you better be a fast runner and a good hider, or plain crazy.
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    You only have to be faster than the guy next to you.

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    When I read that link I held my Left Hand High in the Air to

    SAVE MY WATCH! LOL! This should have been prefaced "Don't try this at Home, Kids". Electric Amish, you are not the one that created that post. I do not think it would be necessary to check it out, either. I do think I'd need a clothespin on my nose if I was near the Dude that Originated that. Carry a .44 MAG when in the Woods. Ric

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    Yup... good article.... always nice to have a mastiff... or two....with you too....;)
  16. Electric-Amish

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    No harm no foul.

    I just love these stories so much I check them out.

    S&W 686 would have done nicely from 6 feet. If there wasn't to much shakeing.

  17. Tango3

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    "bear story"
    Mastiff-huh, I took our standard yorky out once last year to give my old friend a last trip as she was getting 15 years old and slowing down.just set up a visqueen tarp ( June)on one side of a clearing. bout a hour and a half hike back infrom the road.couldnt drop off to sleep, so i'm laying there at 1a.m.and theres this rhythmic sound in the dark across the clearing like some onechopping wood with asmall hatchet tak-tak-tak-ak-tak--- -
    skipped a beat then the "tak" sound starts moving towards us in the wods around the edge of the clearing tak-tak, I didn't want the dog to end up a snack so I haul in the rope she was tied to put her under my arm, found the kabar, (all I had) and listened to the branches snapping and dead leaves crunching whatever it was stopped 15-25 yards or so at our 2:00 out in the woods and snorted like bigfoot twice "skeered" me bad , I turned on an led head light but didn't see anything, it continued and moved on around us to our 7:00 snorted again..!checked once again with the led headlite couldn't see eyes or anything. I didn't know if it was a blacK bear ( possible)or just a big buck, Now way I was let that thing eat "indy" but figured heading out for the truck in the dark was a real bad idea.wasn't sure how effective my kabar woulda been on a bear, but I've been thinking about putting a pistol grip on my 870 eversince and how I'Ill never pack in without serious firepower again. thrilling to say the least. I later learned bears will pop their jaws if surprised ,guess he didn't expect to find us in his clearing that night.Did I say "Skeered !" Hell a mastiff can fend for itself.
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