Carrying firearms in a National Forest.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by crowdaddy, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Hey everybody. Can someone, who knows, fill me in on carrying a firearm in a National Forest. I am not talking about hunting, but carrying a sidearm, long gun, or both for camping and hiking.It would be for personel protection/ peace of mind,mostly; and the dreaded two legged nightbirds! I live in the Midwest, in Southern Illinois, and want to do some camping and hiking in the Shawnee. Illinois is not a gun friendly state,(for anyone who doesn't know). I do have an Il. FOID card (required here) but no CCP at present. That said I want to carry if I am out and about for several days off the beaten path. Is it legal and permitted on National Forest areas away from camp grounds and such?
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    I do not believe there is one answer that applies to all national forests/parks/and refuges. Some actually allow hunting, some do not. It varies greatly. I would go online if I were you and query by email and or phone or both. Make sure you know who you talked to just to cover your ass. Good luck. Even try calling on different days on different phones and try to get answer from 2nd individual. It is what I would do.
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    Your best bet is contact the park in question. There are evidently some differences among county, state, and national parks and monuments. The general rule used to be no carry except for hunting in season, but there have been some changes.
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    National Forests are under the same rules as the County, they are in... National Parks are under the Federal Rules of the NPS... So check with the Sheriff of the County that you want to hike in, on their Carry Statutes, as he will know... Each National Park has their own Rules, HOWEVER, As a rule, Carry is legal, in most National Parks, inless Specifically precluded as an exception to the Basic Carry Rule... This changed after Heller & McDonald were decided by SCOTUS, a few years back... The NPS knew they were going to be sued, by the NRA, and changed their Rules to get out ahead of the SCOTUS decissions...
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    It won't do much for ya. A guy got caught killing a copper head at rend lake corp camp ground and they threatened him with jail. Killed it with a shovel 15 feet from his kids tent.
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    What in the world did he have a shovel for in a campground for anyway !!!!:eek:

    Just kidding , just had to poke a little fun at the ludicrisity of today's world,,,,:ROFLMAO:
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    The three ''S''
    Shoot, Shovel, Shutup!
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  9. ghrit

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    Said another way, the locals have some say regarding carry. It is encouraging that the feds see the light, now the states have to see it as well.
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    Forest service lands generally are ok to carry in, but as ghrit pointed out, the States tend to exert influence out side their bounds, best is to ask the Sheriff or Ranger district office and see. Make sure you know for sure who oversees the lands you want to visit, BLM takes a dim view of any public access to lands it oversees!
    Another reason to check with the local authorities is closures, or restrictions within a certain area. As an example, Colorado has many fire danger areas, so even though it's techically legal, it may be restricted. Certain areas it's ok during hunting season, some areas it's only restricted during the dry months, and others it's completey closed off! It may also border a wild life area, or contain one with in it's bounds! Also need to find out if another agency has jurisdiction with in the Forest Service lands! In Oregon,Washington, and California, that can include the Bonniville Power Administration, and or the Army Corps of Engineers!
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    Just to be accurate National Forests are under Department of Agriculture, and BLM is Department of Interior, as is the National Park Service, which overseas National Parks, and National Monuments,... USFW Service overseas Nation Wildlife Refuges..... Different Agencies oversee different Lands... and the OP asked about National Forests....
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    Yeah, that sounds about right, for around here, I'm in Mt Vernon.

    I did contact the Shawnee N/F Headquarters through their Facebook site, messaged them. They did get back to me in less than 24 hrs; (surprised) and in a very lengthily reply, said basically, we know nothing; (not surprised); contact the Ill. DNR. I am going to try the county (s) Sheriff' dept where I plan to go.
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    What ever you get , get it in writing with a signature .
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    roger that...
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