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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Oct 4, 2008.

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    I went to the Bass Pro-shop yesterday to get some crushed corn-cob or walnut hulls. A gallon of corn-cob was nearly thirty bucks. Screw that. I just got back from Wally-world, hamster department. They have huge bags of crushed corn-cob hamster bedding for like three bucks. xact same stuff, for all the reloaders.
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    Been doing that for years Sea, years ago you could drive by a corn field after harvest and pick up all the cobbs you wanted. My grandfather would burn them in his wood stove to help stretch the wood pile for the winter.

    Today the cobbs are crushed and spread back onto the field at harvest time.
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    glad I am mot alone in that . [beer] some of my gun friends ( the ones with collage degrees ) don't believe me so they spend big bucks for nothing . [lolol]
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    Did you find some that was really uniform as far as size of the "grains" go? I was a little hesitant to use it because I've heard of people having problems with the bottom of the brass being packed w/media and causing a misfire.

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    My Speer Reloading Manual says that both the walnut and corn cob media they sell contain cleaning agent (white oxide for the corn cob medium).

    If you could find "white oxide" (probably zinc oxide), you could add that to your inexpensive hamster bedding material. Since I'm just starting out, I'd rather spend a few extra dollars to see how the product is supposed to perform before bubba-izing something I don't yet know about.
  7. RouteClearance

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    I add a small dollop of any non ammonia based polishing cream to my hamster bedding for a mirror shine finish. Been doing this going on 15 years now.
  8. Reloader

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    I just picked up a 7# bag of Kaytee Walnut Litter for Birds from PetsMart for under $5.00 FRN. It's the IDENTICAL grain size as the premium cleaning media.

    I'll just add a capfull of Nufinish car polish (no ammonia) from Wally-World, to the media in the tumbler, and when that gets too dirty I'll clean the mess by running a few of my used, cut-up dryer fabric sheets through the polishing media.

    I hate wasting money when I don't have to.

    YMMV b::
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    Thanks for the tips, i have been reloading for years (on/off) never heard or read about it. Never been a part of a club, mostly a loner.
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