Catholic Church has gone on the Offensive !!!

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by Gator 45/70, Apr 16, 2012.

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    The devil will come with a prayer book and missal....

    The devil will come with a prayer book and missal....and a slick medieval themed advertisement...banging out the 2012 election papal issues wish list.

    I just love the quaint retro Inquisitional torture-by-fire and branding with-red-hot-iron theme encouraging the faithfull to follow Church political dogma into the voting booth, and vote according to Church preferences.

    This video just strengthen's the importance of keeping church and state well, and truly, apart!

    Although the video pushes a barrow of issues to hook viewers...Jobs, economy, taxes, energy, which, evidently seem to be "negotiable"........cynically, towards the end, the Catholic meat issues get prime exposure, such as anti gay marriage, anti abortion, and forcing the church to buy insurance (it seems the Catholic church is more like islam on this issue than most might possibly credit) which are non negotiable, at least as far as Catholic Church is concerned.

    I'd be more than happy if the Catholic Church would spend just a little extra time, effort and money cleaning its own act up and dealing with the moral cesspit that its heirarchy seems more than willing to conceal and protect (paederast priests et al). Until then...I think that a disorderly house of prostitutes would probably offer the community better and more honest moral guidance, and with much less humbug and hypocrisy.
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    Ho hum, another country, another aethist intellectual heard from. Different strokes for different folks. I will pray for you. Propaganda videos and most organized religion does not influence or impress me all that much. My belief comes from a different place.
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    Dude! Don't hold back... Tell us what you really think.
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    1. I thought I was being reasonably moderate.

    2. That is somewhat hazardous in this forum...the resident moral mullah tends to wield the censor's scissors like a scimitar when I do that. : O
    and I usually have to wipe the (mullah's) spittle and foam from my face when it does get wielded. ; ) Tread lightly infidel!! [flm]


    Although the 2012 Election is a US phenomenon, the Catholic Church is a global enterprise with global interests. In that sense...being from a different country does not invalidate the critique. The doctrines and dogmas of that Church are universal and apply in the same manner regardless of where one happens to be. The critique is not invalidated just because the proponent happens to be a secularist: it is more than likely that many theists are also just as critical of that church for its doctrines, philosophies and policies.
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    Great video. How can anyone argue with a call to support jobs, marriage, and freedom?

    Apparently some folks here didn't recognize the scriptural reference to "test of fire" from 1 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 13

    " their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work. "
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  7. TheEconomist

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    When it comes to murder (abortion and the death penalty) there can be no compromise. This is just one issue I will never budge on.
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    Gezz, talk about apples and oranges. Murder? Hardly. As to Abortion and the Death Penalty, one is a choice, and the other is a way too slow punishment. Oh, BTW, no compromise here either, so we will have to agree to disagree.
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    I agree both hould be legal. Death penalty is economic. Rather see a dirt bag lifer get the chair or the shot than spend a bunch of tax dollars to feed and house them for 50 years.
    I support hoice to have an abortion not that i would personally have one. If the government can legislate woman's bodies in that way what is next? However I am against the government forcing privatecompanies yo provide their employees for the same reason. Minimal governmet interference. Btw if they want condoms just buy them like everyone else does!simple no one preventing them from getting birth control.
  10. TheEconomist

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    Hahahaha I like that. Instead of paying $14.50 for a martini to get someone drunk so you can get laid pay less than that for some condoms.
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    For this video, I agree with the message, even if I am not a member of the messenger's church - these are issues that affect ALL Americans.

    As to the Death Penalty, the only thing wrong with it is the time it takes to punish the heinous offender. After 15 or 20 years, the horror of his crimes is forgotten, and it becomes too easy to back off on the Final Punishment. The Death Penalty should be absolutely required to be carried out no more than one year after he's found gulty. Gives him time for ONE, maybe two appeals, no more. It should also be done publicly, that others may realise the serious nature of such crime, and possibly be deterred.
    I tend more towards the Old Testament for criminal punishments. [stirpot]
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  12. jim2

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    Anyone against the death penalty should support these murders financially so the rest of aren't required to share the burden of their liberal guilt.
  13. TheEconomist

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    My issue with the death penalty is that we can never be sure that we are putting to death the right person. Unless, of course, the person admits to the crime. It was estimated when DNA testing came out that as much as 25% of those who were put to death may have been innocent. I also believe it is wrong of us to take someones life who is in custody. I am not trying to say that what they did doesn't deserve it but I would like us to be, in my eyes, "better than that".

    "Anyone against the death penalty should support these murders financially so the rest of aren't required to share the burden of their liberal guilt."

    I am a conservative.

    Check the link out...Catholic Perspective
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  14. tacmotusn

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    here is how the costs add up

    Money doesnt compute into this equation. The Options are; Death Penalty, Live in Prison without the possibility of parole, or a slap on the wrist and chide them not to do it again and release them among us.
    I myself believe in the Death Penalty and believe it takes too long to finish the deed. Some people just don't deserve to suck the same air as the rest of us. They forfeited that right. This costs too much, but it is less than Life without Parole.
    Life without parole, makes for a caged dangerous animal with nothing left to lose. Also it costs even more than death penalty inmate in the long run. I consider this better than 25 to life with possibility of parole, but only if the death penalty doesn't exist.
    Putting some proven animals, even if they do appear to be human, back among innocent beings is unacceptable to me period! Cost should not figure into this equation. Safety of the masses of innocents should be the priority!
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  15. TheEconomist

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    I agree Tacmotusn. We need to keep them out of circulation. That is why I support life in prison without parole.

    Richard C. Dieter, MS, JD, Executive Director of the Death Penalty Information Center, said the following on June 7, 2010, in his testimony before the Pennsylvania Senate Government Management and Cost Study Commission, available at Death Penalty Information Center
    "The death penalty is the most expensive part of the system on a per-offender basis. Millions are spent to achieve a single death sentence that, even if imposed, is unlikely to be carried out. Thus money that the police desperately need for more effective law enforcement may be wasted on the death penalty…

    The principal reason why the death penalty is so expensive can be summed up in one phrase: ‘death is different…' Every stage of a capital case is more time-consuming and expensive than in a typical criminal case. Jury selection takes much longer; more mental health and forensic experts will be needed; two trials will be required - one for guilt and one for sentencing; and the appeals will be far more complex, focusing on both the conviction and the death sentence. Two attorneys are usually appointed for the defense, so that issues of guilt and sentencing can be separately explored. The prosecution has to respond with equal or greater resources since they have the burden of proof...There is no reason the death penalty should be immune from reconsideration, along with other wasteful, expensive programs that no longer make sense."

    When looking at the numbers it costs way too much money. Using data from and other sources it seems to point to this...

    To keep someone in prison for life costs about $1.5 million, I have seen this number consistently.

    The death penalty costs about $4.5-22 million per sentence carried out, depending on the state...
  16. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Check these statistics if you can find them. If an inmate commits murder while in prison, how many are committed by lifers with no possibility of parole, as opposed to those on 25 to life with the possibility of parole.
    My point with this question is, death row is normally not general population. Single cell, with closer constant supervision. (probably another reason for increased cost). These people deserve to die, and probably will have very limitted possibility of harming anyone else, ever, in prison or out.
    I have explained what I dislike about "Life without possibility of Parole.
    I do believe in the death penalty. Some animals are just to dangerous to be among us, in or out of prison.
    So, what I would do away with is; "Life without the possibility of Parole". These folk due to having nothing left to lose, and being in general population, are more of a threat than those given 25 to life.
    IMHO, it should be either "Death" or "25 to Life" ....... decided by whether or not it is deemed they are possibly fit to be among us.
  17. TheEconomist

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    Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

    BBC NEWS | Americas | Prison murders plunge in US jails

    Crime News: Crime News: Do Inmates Convicted for Murder Commit Violent Crime While in Prison?

    Of those convicted of homicide, the degree of homicide for which they were convicted appeared to have little effect on violent misconduct in prison.
    Most importantly, prisoners convicted of homicide did not account for a disproportionate share of prison violence, however defined. Finally, prisoners convicted of homicide were not significantly more likely to engage in disciplinary misconduct or commit acts of institutional violence than other inmates.

    Pretty interesting to read that isn't it?

    It looks like drug offenders have the highest occurrences of committing murder in prison...
  18. Gator 45/70

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    The death penalty costs about $4.5-22 million per sentence carried out, depending on the state...

    I could cut a deal with the state's in question for an even 4 mil.per head...
    I would be a billionaire by this time next year...Bring them...
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    First dibs on your Ohio franchise please
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    30% sound fair ?
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