Flu Cat's bird flu death raises human fears

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by E.L., Mar 3, 2006.

  1. ghrit

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    The more exposure you get, the better for the immune system. Parents that fear letting the kids grovel in the dirt are doing a disservice to their offspring. Exceptions exist, of course, but flu? Even bird flu?
  2. CRC

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    I had shots for well over 10 yrs when I was asthmatic....Supposed to bolster my immune system...

    all I can say is I have been sick with weird infections from time to time...But I haven't had a bad cold in ..oh..crap...over 6 or 7 yrs?
  3. RightHand

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    My solution for the common cold:
    Keep the house very cool - 53 to 55 deg winter
    Wash my hands everytime I come into the house from outside or being away from home
    Wash my hands many times during the day when I'm with clients (even though they all think I'm eccentric)

    What germs get past this strategy??? - 3 grandchildren. I could never resist their sloppy kisses
  4. poacher

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    I don't get the flu shot. The first time I was going to they said they were all out. after that I just didn't worry about it. I will say I'm confidient that it has boosted my system. Now with the new job I have I can pretty much stay away from everyone. So come flu season I don't shake hands with people and keep a distance and do quite fine.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  5. Quigley_Sharps

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    we tried then here for the first time a year ago and todate, no flu, its the first year of no flu in our house, Im going to have to do it again it seems to work.
  6. GeorgeK

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    Re: Annual Flu Shot

    If you are healthy you should be able to fight off any given garden variety flu in a week or so. Yes you are correct in that there is a bit of speculation involved in creating the vaccines and so sometimes they guess wrong. The shots are intended for people with weakened immune systems since they are less likely to be able to fight it off and more likely to spread the disease since they need care thus exposing more people. If enough people are immune to a given bug then there is a component of herd immunity...it's harder for a bug to spread when every other person is immune. when the vaccine works what it does is sensitize the immune system so it already knows how to make the right antibody before you get sick instead of halfway through the disease. There is a risk with everything. The are incidents of neurologic problems etc like Guillain Barre. Essentially what you have to decide with any vaccine is if the risk of the vaccine is better than the risk of the disease.
  7. Valkman

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    Re: Annual Flu Shot

    Exactly - a "normal" person shouldn't need it unless they just don't want to get sick. Since my liver transplant in '93 I've gotten them every year and they're like gold - I never get sick.
  8. Tracy

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    Re: Annual Flu Shot

    Thanks GeorgeK.

    Punny definition of the day: Superfluous refers to a bad case of the flu. ;)
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Re: Annual Flu Shot

    The ONE time I got the flu shot - I got sicker than a dog! We were dropping like flies here at work. It blew my record for NEVER taking a sickday off in thirteen years - suddenly I was out a week!

    I avoid those shots like the plague.

    I also remember the big 'swine flu' ruckus in the 70's - in the USAF they lined us up and popped us all with the meds. To this day, I despise the shot 'gun' - give me a needle!! And I used to really hate needles . . .
    That swine flu vaccine killed more folks than the disease itself ever did.
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