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    Originally posted by James Yeager:
    Deadline for purchasing tickets will be March 31st and the raffle will be April 1st (I know). We will post the winning numbers on

    Raffle Prizes (more are being added):

    Tactical Response Gear - Cav Arms Aluminum gun

    Tactical Response - 5 Fighting Rifle classes

    Dave Fillers (21ST Century Firearms) - Yugo AK (7.62)

    John Willis - More details later

    Mookie - More details later

    Mike Bush - NovaTac EDC-120E

    You may purchase tickets by using PayPal ( or by mailing a check to Tactical Response Attn: Marilyn P.O. Box 385 Camden, TN 38320. Tickets are $5 each (buy a lot). Your stubs will be mailed to you. Don't lose them! Please include your mailing address in all correspondence.

    There will be a group of prizes and not individual prize drawings. To explain it further we will pick one prize and then draw a number to see who gets it until we are out of prizes.

    Tickets will also be for sale at Tactical Response Gear.
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