Caveman welding

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by William Antrum, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Oh, I like Mig, That is what we used for drivelines. (I did all the big stuff)I just no longer have one. I could use the ones at work, but that requires both special weekend access, and someone knowing my business. I have Oxy/Aset on the truck, the buzzbox in the basement, and I glad to know I have a few other options. I hope to score a welder, but food preps must come first.
    I don't want to have to hold this sign at intersections will weld for food. ...
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    There are cheap ChiCom mig welders for 100-150 bucks or so. Decent used Miller, Hobart and Lincoln 120 volt MIGs can be found on Craig's list for 2-3 hundred. A 2500-3000 watt generator or battery inverter will power most of these. Add some rolls of flux core wire and you are in pretty decent shape for many repairs or fabrications.

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    Right. Tractor Supply, Rural King, etc., in Los Angeles. Pull the other one. On the other hand, there is a welding supply place up the street from HD. If HD doesn't have it, they should.
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    remember 90% of a good weld is making sure the steal is prepaired ... clean it first .. it dont take anytime any u will be much more pleased with the results...

    Another tip... if u need to cut something and have no other means hot rod it .... get a mild steal rod crank up the amps and start pushing it the metal will go away ...
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    BOOOOYYY I did not know I would get so much input?
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    KAS carbon rods may work better for cutting but what do I know.
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    RABID : use propane its cheaper and is located everywhere.
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    oh by the way the "metal" in a metal coat hanger is not steel its a high tinsel amalgum of crap metal with enough silica to give it its required tinsel strength. Hence the bends without breakage. I have more info than i do have time to share but please exercise greatttt caution in who you get your info . I have forgotten more about welding then 100,000 will learn in a lifetime. I am not sharing to hurt I am sharing to teach. I have been formally trained in Tig,Mig(fluxcore&hardwire),And Stick .If God gave man to make the material he made me to put it together and it does not matter to me the type of metal, the processes, If it can be made I can weld it,braze it ,silver it,etc...........
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    possibly... i have onl done it with 60snot or 6010 6011 so i know that works ...

    good thread by the way ...

    dont forget about the plasic welding
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    Yup, made for that, add air and you can blow real sparks.
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    correct me if im wrong but to use carbon rods dont u have to have a carbon ark {couging rig } to do this ?
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    Yeah, more or less. The carbon arc is high amperage and melts the metal. Compressed air then blows melt metal out of the cut. I imagine you could come up with a way to aim a compressed air nozzle at the arc if you didn't have a specially designed rig for it. You really need full leathers, yes you do ---
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    yes i am aware i dont believe i would gauge even if i had to ... i hate it i hate the noise / and ever thing about it ....
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    Gouging is best used to repair a bad weld, usually found after Xrays. Goug out the bad part, grind down to a bevel and make it right. Xray again to check your work. Air Carbon Arc Gouging. In the air carbon arc process, an electric arc is generated between the tip of a carbon electrode and the metal workpiece. A jet of air is directed around the tip to remove molten metal from the area, forming a groove.
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    Every time I see this thread, I think it is a business in my town...for just a moment.

    We are near the Oregon Caves and the high school teams are Cavemen and there are a number of businesses like Caveman Fence, Caveman Heating, etc...

  17. William Antrum

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    Funny huh? But no copyright infringement here no buz, no money made just good freeforall info
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    Who else but a caveman would beat two things together expecting them to stick?
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    Ahh --- any good blacksmith on a forge? ;)
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    Ok, i've not read the entire thread yet but I'll pre-emptively post this.
    DO NOT WELD GALVANIZED ANYTHING UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE or at least be very ill for a long time.

    Ok, enough for my PSA
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