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  1. Tempstar

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    Anyone using CBD oil? I'm ready to try some for the ol' knees. There are a lot of choices out there, so I'm looking to only buy what someone swears by. Thanks!
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  2. Altoidfishfins

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    My wife is trying out some CBD topical cream on her back. She has post-polio syndrome and the left side of her back has a muscle that remains tight continuously, giving her a lot of pain.

    So far she says it works quite well, and one application seems to give her a good 8 hours or more of relief. It ain't cheap.
    One small container about the size of a cold cream jar runs a little over $100, but it takes very little of it to work.

    It's called Sun Med Topical Cream, 1000mg. She's been using it for about a week.
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  3. oil pan 4

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    My wife uses it, seems to do pretty good.
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  4. Ura-Ki

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    You betcha we do, it's freaking awesome!
    Ask me anything, I have several years worth of research and results to back it up!

    Be careful, learn about the different species and content, not all is good or will work, and some are way WAY BETTER then others !

    There are also a morning blend, and an evening blend, you don't wanna mix them up! There are also blends that can have differing effects on your mental state, depends on how you wanna feel!
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  5. Wildbilly

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    Maybe...if you can find the real deal, but I wonder how many people have paid $10-20 an ounce for soybean oil?
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  6. Wild Trapper

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  7. snake6264

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    I sure people get good results but the market is so confusing it's like Snake oil how do you know what you are actually buying heck they sell it in the grocery here. I'm not saying it all needs to be regulated I just don't know how you know what your buying
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  8. SB21

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    I’m with Snake. Who has the reputable brand ?? I’m like Tempstar as well ,, could use some for the knees ,, and back ,, I can’t afford to take off of work for months to get the knee replacements they are wanting to do. So if y’all could suggest a reputable company and brand to order from would be great.
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  9. Big Ron

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    That's the problem with the whole CBD oil market. there are no standards and its hit or miss that you have bought a decent product.
    The same with Vape products. The Gov. needs to get out of the way on Cannabis.
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  10. SB21

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    The .Gov sees money to be made, and more laws to enact. If those things exist,, the . Gov will be close by for sure.
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  11. Wildbilly

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    Actually, the government NEEDS to get involved to ensure standards or it will be just like the Vape products with people making the "stuff" in their basements. That is the problem with Vape products, dealers are selling the stuff from every business, storefront, online, street corner and out of car trunks. CBD shops are sprouting like mushrooms and Vape shops. Claims are being made that it will cure everything...Hell it might even regrow hair and remove stains! But there needs to be standards!
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  12. Ura-Ki

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    I can only speak to Oregon, but for the actual shops that sell, they MUST go through a process to certify their products, and that is done in a lab in Portland! So, while you could buy stuff from an unknown/ questionable source, at least here, it is regulated by the state! The labelling has yet to get standardized, but if you understand what your looking for, it's pretty easy to figure it all out!
    You can also get both dirivitives here, Marijuana and Hemp, and both have their plusses and minuses, so, do your home work on what YOU need!

    As far as sourcing, find out if it's lab tested and certified before spending your money! The good stuff should cost around $50 a fluid oz, and be at least 600 Mg pure CBD extract!
    If your going for a THC blend, it needs to be at least 240 Mg content to have any meaningfull effect!
    For cancer treatment, you WANT both CBD and THC, the CBD is for the pain, the THC for every thing else, and yes, it does help fight growth, but not always!
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  13. Ura-Ki

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    My Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer in 2016, and was already suffering the effects of this nasty affliction. She was put on Chemo emediatly and the effects were dibilitating with in the first week. After the second dose, she wanted to die, it was so bad! My brothers and I begine researching hard and fast, and we found some promising information and ran with it. Mom at first didn't want anything to do with it, but after a good sit-down, we convinced her to try it! The Doctors gave her between 3 and 6 months to live.
    It took a few weeks to find the right " formula" and doseage, but a high content CBD/THC morning blend was the trick. After the first day, she was noticably better, she could stand and walk a little, and even go to the store as long as they had a hover bout cart. Her doctors were amazed, but could not say anything or even admit it was helping as it's still illegal on the fed level, and hospitals rely on fed funding for research and all that!
    Short story, this stuff was a medical miracle, her tumor shrunk to about 1/8 it's original size, and she was mostly pain free! However, cancer has many nasty tendencies, and it came back strong and it eventually took her! What was a bleak Outlook turned into 3 more years with as close to a good quality of life as any one would wish! If not for her demanding we stop with it the last 6 months, who knows, she might have had a few more months, but what's important, she went on her terms with dignity and grace! In her own home, and she told the doctors to stop treatments long before the end!
    Yes, the stuff really worked, saw it with my own two eyes! Can it help every one, can't say, but it surely helped Mom!
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  14. ghrit

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    Phui. I know this will be more than a little difficult, but the industry needs to establish its own standards BEFORE dot gov puts its paddle in the pot. Don't hold your breath ---
  15. SB21

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    Sorry to hear of your Mom ,, but glad you got the extra time with her ,, and she was able to choose her time when she was ready ,, and do it in less pain than what she started out in ..
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  16. Wildbilly

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    Yeah, but then some sap finds "CBD" online for $20 a fluid oz.. The company has a slick website and who doesn't want to save money...this isn't some snake-oil salesman peddling bottles of moonshine flavored with herbs from the back of a wagon, these companies sell to 10s of thousands, then disappear only to reinvent themselves again and again. Making millions selling peanut oil!
    It's the same as with Vape products. Juul pods are expensive, but some guy can watch a Youtube video, gets a couple of thousand dollars worth of equipment and supplies, and makes and sells "Juul" pods online for half the price...and makes millions...and makes people sick. These frauds are causing harm to people and legitimate businesses to the tune of billions of dollars.
    Those certifications and labels can be counterfeited...they do it to money all the time!
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  17. Cruisin Sloth

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  18. Wildbilly

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    Nice website, but do you know for a fact that this isn't a couple of guys operating out their basement or a storage shed? Have you actually visited the company? I'm in Alabama, so how would I know if they were legit?
  19. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    I don't , but for Dave to interview , and they are in YVR with public on the both stock exchanges , tells me they are Legit , and they supply USA So im thinking Legit to sell drugs across the border. And if it is made in Canada , we have the tightest laws for pure and testing of it.
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  20. Ura-Ki

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    That's the reason this state demands testing and certification, and why you should only ever shop at a state certified vendor! That way, you know exactly where the product is coming from, what quality it is, and what species and strength! And, the costs are usually less then a lot of the on-line deals or fly by night crapshoots! Also, the good stuff is only ever cut with ether Pure Coconut oil, or pure food grade glycerine!
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