CBS issued a formal apology to our nation’s veterans the next week. VFW

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    Dear HK,

    Because of devoted members like you, the VFW has achieved a variety of notable successes just in the last few short weeks!
    When military Tuition Assistance (TA) programs were cut due to sequestration, VFW advocacy was unrelenting. VFW Commander-in-Chief John Hamilton sent an “all hands” call to VFW members in an effort to muster congressional support to save the programs. Thanks to your help, the VFW generated more than 14,000 calls and emails to Congress in just two days, ultimately leading to the reinstatement of TA.
    When CBS recently aired an episode of its hit reality show The Amazing Race, that was highly insensitive to Vietnam veterans, you responded. Together, we educated CBS on its poor choice to use a downed American B-52 at Hun Tiep Lake as a backdrop and demanded a formal apology to veterans. As a result, CBS issued a formal apology to our nation’s veterans the next week.
    And, because of your continuous support to ensure all of America’s veterans come home, the VFW has just completed another successful “Full Accounting Mission” to Southwest Asia. Your support on the fullest possible accounting of all service members from all wars is why the VFW remains the ONLY veterans organization to return to Southeast Asia every year.
    We thank you for your continued support and all you do for this great organization. We're proud to have members like you!


    Your VFW Membership Department
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    Mission Accomplished.
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