CCW Grandpa stops two robbers, maybe mass shooting.

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    "internet Cafe in Ocala" "Samuel Williams" florida "Duwayne Henderson" "Davis G. Dawkins" "Florida internet cafe" Customer shoots suspects during Internet cafe robbery "Internet cafe robbery"
    Stop or the senior citizen will shoot! Moment 71-year-old gunman shot two robbers as they tried to hold up Florida internet cafe A 71-year old man thwarted a robbery at a Florida internet cafe on Friday when he shot two would-be assailants and the entire ordeal was captured on security tape.

    The two robbers burst through the doors of the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala and ordered everyone to get down as they waved a handgun at dozens of customers.

    But they didn't expect Samuel Williams to pull out his own weapon and fire, injuring both of the criminals and saving the lives of his fellow Floridians.

    The surveillance video shows the two men wearing dark clothes barged into the cafe with a baseball bat and a gun.

    Witnesses told police that the robbers demanded that the 30 patrons get down on the floor and give them money.
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    Good for Gramps. What amazed me in the video is the couple of people wandering around doing the handwringing "dear me, what shall I do" routine. One lady that Gramps moves past while shooting, is standing within a couple of feet of his line of fire and continues to just bumble around, rather than moving away from the shooting, and out of the line of fire, at the very least. (Where's tacmotusn and his sheep immitation when you need him? :D)
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    Get out of the way Lady! I'm trying to shoot these darn whippersnappers!
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