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    Was downtown in Johnson City, TN yesterday wife teaches a line dance class at a church there, and I usually go with her and go armed, because it's not the best of areas in town. So, after she and her group got to dancing, I went for a walk around town for some air.......and there is only so many time you can listen to Suds in the Bucket before you go nuts....

    After a 1/2 hour or so walk, I was headed back to the church when a cop car pulls up beside me and flips on his blue lights, the cop jumps out of the car, shines a flashlight in my face and asks "Were you up the street a while ago staring in the "X" resturant windows ?......we got a complaint from them " ( a coffee house kinda place couple blocks over ) I told him I'd been by there, looked at there menu on the wall outside the front door, and then walked on....

    "You got some ID ?"

    Sure.......pulled out my wallet and flipped it open where my license and CCW permit are facing each other.

    " have a weapon on you now ?"

    Yep.....Glock 19 on right hip under my coat.

    About that time another cop car pulls up and the second cop looks at me, and say to the first one.....No, that's no him.....they said a guy with a ponytail......

    And the first one says "Ok, sir....thank you and good night".....and off they went.

    First time I'd ever got "carded" I guess you'd call it.....was curious how it would turn out.
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    Good deal. I have asked cops several times when asked for my drivers lic. if they needed to see my CHL, I held it up and they they all said "no, that's fine." Friends of mine in LE have said that most cops seem to feel a lot more comfortable around CHL holders than others, as we have had extensive background checks and for the most part are considered "good guys."
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