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    Please post links to incidents where CCW hollers saved lives of people. Let's make an internet compendium of these incidents that show the other side how wrong they are.
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    Not technically a CCW holder, but fits the bill.

    Two shot at Texas movie theater during showing of 'The Hobbit' - Omaha Movie |

    Question: isn't it entirely plausible that a similar outcome could've happened at Sandy Hook? "School security officer shot Lanza twice after he entered the school building with weapons."

    Take them out early . . . and often, and you won't have to hear about the tragedy that would have ensued had the bad guy not been met with a lead inoculation.
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    Just so we don't lose Cato's contribution when the San A paper takes it down, here's the 12/17/12 story--

    Have to admit, I'm paying no attention to copyrights here, if any. Didn't check.

    "Today, Press TV reported that two people were wounded when a gunman entered a San Antonio theater. The shooting occurred last night at about 9:25 p.m. at the Santikos Mayan 14 movie theater during a showing of “The Hobbit.” According to reports, the gunman's original target was a China Garden Restaurant where he was employed.
    Officials say the man was looking for a female co-worker, and when he learned she wasn't there, he produced a gun. The weapon jammed when he tried to fire it in the restaurant, and some of the patrons fled across the parking lot and into the nearby theater.
    The gunman opened fire in parking lot, injuring one man who was shot in the chest. Louis Antu, Bexar County Sheriff’s spokesman said, “He was shooting at a marked unit. He knows he was shooting at an officer, so that’s (an) automatic (charge of) attempted capital murder.”
    He was prevented from entering the theater by an off duty sheriff's deputy working theater security. The deputy shot him once, abruptly ending his shooting spree. “She did what she felt she had to do,” Antu said. “I feel that she saved a lot of lives by taking the action she had to take.”
    Both the victim and the gunman are currently hospitalized. No officers or other civilians were hurt. As of yet, officials are unsure of the gunman's motivations, or his relationship to the woman he was looking for in the restaurant."
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    Armed citizen credited with stopping a bank robbery suspect. - Tucson News Now
    Armed citizen credited with stopping a bank robbery suspect.

    Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 6:15 PM EST
    Updated: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 7:47 PM EST

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012 7:47 PM EST
    A gun-carrying Flagstaff man is being credited with helping stop a bank robbery suspect.

    Dave Young was driving up to the Arizona Central Credit Union branch last Friday when he saw a friend's son trying to stop a man jumping over a fence.

    Young says he quickly confirmed a bank robbery had occurred and took off after the two in his vehicle.

    The Arizona Daily Sun reports Young caught up with the pair and placed his hand on his sidearm, showing the suspect that he was armed. He didn't pull his gun.

    Young called 911 and police took the suspect into custody.
    Young says he's held a concealed carry permit since 1998. In Arizona, gun owners can carry a concealed or exposed weapon without a permit or training
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    Keep them coming
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    Slightly OT

    Decatur police clear conservation officer in Sunday shooting death
    Decatur, IL (Herald and Review) — Detectives said Monday that the Decatur man shot to death early Sunday was a domestic violence suspect who was killed by an off-duty Illinois State Conservation Police officer after the suspect had smashed his way into the officer’s home in pursuit of a woman who had fled there.
    Matthew A. Hollgarth, 21, was pronounced dead at the officer’s house in the 1300 block of Manor Drive from a single bullet wound to the torso after the officer fired once.
    At a news conference Monday, Decatur police refused to name the officer but said they had concluded he acted properly in using deadly force when confronted by Hollgarth, who was described as aggressive and refusing multiple commands to back away.
    Criminal Investigations Lt. Cody Moore said the officer had feared for the safety of himself, the battered woman who had pounded on his door around 12:20 a.m. pleading for help, and for two of his own small children who were present in the home.
    Hollgarth had followed the woman to the front door and allegedly would not back down even when confronted by the officer who had armed himself. Hollgarth had then smashed down the front door and come in after the woman who said she had earlier been choked and beaten and had fled from a car.
    The officer was on the phone with Decatur police the whole time and could be heard giving the suspect, who had pulled off his shirt and hat as a display of aggression, multiple commands to leave and warning him he would be shot if he didn’t back off, Moore said.
    When the officer told Hollgarth there were children present, the “suspect indicated he did not care,” Moore said.
    The officer had retreated through the length of the house as he shielded the woman and his own children and the suspect had continued to act aggressively and kept approaching until he was “within mere feet” of the officer when he was fatally shot.​
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    Pastor pulls gun on unsuspecting burglar |

    Pastor pulls gun on unsuspecting burglar
    December 18, 2012

    OREM — Instead of reaching for his Bible, an Orem minister grabbed his handgun when a man high on drugs tried breaking into his church.
    It is never a good idea to break into a house of worship, especially when the pastor's career before he was in the ministry was in law enforcement. But the man on drugs obviously didn't realize that until he was looking right at the laser sights of the pastor's handgun.
    "It's a little different being a Baptist in Orem — where I'm from, it was a Baptist church on every street corner," said Pastor Robert Brooks.
    Brooks moved to Utah from North Carolina three years ago to lead the Victory Baptist Church in Orem.
    "We've enjoyed it. We've had a very good experience," he said. "For the most part, people have received us really well and we've enjoyed being able to minister here to the people."
    In the middle of the night on Friday, though, Pastor Brooks, who lives with his young family in the basement of the church, was awakened by a ruckus outside, so he got up to see what was going on.
    "He was at this door trying to beat into it and pull on it, and I came around the corner (and) was standing down there in the parking lot addressing him," Brooks said.
    But Austin Stokes would not respond to the pastor's commands to stop, so Brooks pulled his gun.
    "The only thing I actually heard him say — when he saw the laser — was ‘Oh, no,' and then he began to comply," Brooks said. "I didn't know what he was, I didn't know what he was capable of doing and I knew with family downstairs, I wanted to keep them safe."
    Orem police arrived within a couple of minutes and Stokes was taken to jail on charges of intoxication and dealing prescription drugs. Pastors Brooks says he has forgiven Stokes for the frightening situation he caused his family.
    "He's safe, he can get some help now, and hopefully he will get the help he needs because of his addiction, and I am glad we didn't have to use any force," he said. "He is welcome here anytime. We would love to minister to him."
    Pastor Brooks says he didn't bring up the incident during his sermon on Sunday, but again said he welcomes the suspect or anyone else having difficulty in their life, to join with him here.
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    man the national media sure wont show any of that will they? just like the shooter in ore. nobody said a thing about that ccw person
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    TX teen protects 12 Y.O. sister with dad's gun

    Texas Teen Protects 12 Year Old Sister With Dad's Firearm

    The media focuses on the bad things but not the protective qualities from having protection. This story is from mid-2010.
    From KHOU:
    The teenage son of a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy shot a home intruder Tuesday afternoon in the 2600 block of Royal Place in northwest Harris County, deputies said.
    The 15-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister had been home alone in the Mount Royal Village subdivision when around 2:30 p.m. a pair of burglars tried the front and back doors, then broke a back window.
    “We don't try to hide things from our children in law enforcement,” Lt. Jeffrey Stauber said. “That young boy was protecting his sister. He was in fear for his life and her life.”
    Shortly afterwards, two suspects showed up at Tomball hospital.

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    A man was shot and killed at a southeast Houston house near the TSU campus after police said he attempted to rob the residents.

    Around 8:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Houston police responded to a home invasion call at a house in the 3000 block of Wentworth Street near Scott Street. When police arrived, they found an 18-year-old man dead in the living room, which had been converted into a four-unit apartment.

    According to detectives, the suspect forced his way into the front door of a downstairs unit and held the residents at gunpoint, including a husband, wife and a 2-year-old child.

    "They heard a loud commotion from the back of the apartment," said Christopher Hassig with the Houston Police Department. "[The homeowner] went to go investigate, at which point he opened the back door. The suspect pushed his way in, and that's when the incident ensued."

    After the armed home invader attempted to rob the residents, police said the homeowner managed to get his own gun and shoot the suspect.

    HPD said they recovered both weapons at the scene.

    The homeowner is being questioned by police, who say the case will be referred to a grand jury to see if any charges will be filed.

    No names were released.
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    A little levity

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    I'm just glad he wasn't choking his chicken . . . .

    Naked Man Who Was Choking Dog Shot by Homeowner in Miami: Police | NBC 6 South Florida

    Naked Man Who Was Choking Dog Shot by Homeowner in Miami: Police

    Homeowner opens fire on naked intruder in Miami: Police
    By Donna Rapado and Brian Hamacher

    | Wednesday, Jan 2, 2013 | Updated 9:54 AM EST

    A naked intruder who was trying to choke a pet Rottweiler was shot by a homeowner in Miami Wednesday morning, police said.
    The bizarre incident happened around 5 a.m. in the area of Northwest 2nd Avenue and 56th Street when the occupants of the home heard a commotion and dogs barking.
    When the homeowner went to check out the noise, he confronted the suspect, who was completely naked and trying to choke one of the dogs, police said.
    "He comes out and spots a person who is not only fighting with this dog but is naked fighting with this dog," Miami Police spokesman Det. Willie Moreno said.
    The homeowner opened fire twice, hitting the suspect in the leg once. The homeowner held the man until the police arrived.
    The intruder was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where his condition was unknown. Police said he tried to bite the homeowners and police and workers at the hospital, and may be under the influence of drugs.
    "For right now it does appear to be a justified shooting," Moreno said. "This individual was acting irrational, fighting with the dog, and not only that, but at the point that the homeowner attempted to get this individual's attention, he immediately jumped onto the owner and started fighting with him."
    Police said the suspect, who hasn't been identified, will be charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault, animal cruelty, resisting arrest with violence and lewd and lascivious conduct.
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    PD: Home invasion suspect shot and killed during attempted break-in

    PD: Home invasion suspect shot and killed during break-in
    Posted: Jan 02, 2013 10:30 AM EST Updated: Jan 02, 2013 2:03 PM EST
    By FOX 10 News - Staff Report

    Police say a home invasion suspect was shot and killed during an attempted break-in near 28th Avenue and Acoma Wednesday morning, just before 2 a.m.

    According to police, the suspect went to one home and the owner heard a car alarm go off. That homeowner grabbed baseball bat and went outside to find no one there, but witnessed the suspect acting in a bizarre way further down the street.

    The suspect then tried to break into a bedroom through a window where children, ages 4 and 7, were sleeping. Authorities say at that home, the homeowner shot the suspect after he appeared to pull a weapon from his pants.

    The suspect, who has not been identified, is described as a 35-year-old white male.


    Good thing the perp was white or the homeowner may have been charged with a hate-crime. Personally, I would not want to face an attacker with a bat when I could have a gun.
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    Fantastic! In Kommifornia even! Imagine if this had happened in Chi-com-ago. ...bunch of libtard $h!7bags in that town.

    Read & React: Sacramento Homeowner Shoots Intruders - Guns & Ammo

    According to The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, a homeowner foiled a home invasion style robbery by shooting all three intruders, killing one.

    The incident occurred at 3:29 a.m. Dec. 22. At that time, Sacramento Police officers were dispatched to a report of shots fired at an address on Haven Court, which is located in the Pocket neighborhood of Sacramento.

    Upon their arrival, officers determined that three robbers, as well as the homeowner, had been shot. The only subject police have identified in connection with the shooting is an alleged invader, Thomas Ordonaz, 21, who was arrested for assault a deadly weapon and being an accessory to a crime.

    One of the alleged home invaders, later identified as 31-year-old Joseph Merjil, (HOORAY!!) was pronounced dead at the scene by Sacramento Fire Department personnel. The homeowner and two other alleged intruders sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to a hospital.

    According to Sacramento Police Department Officer Doug Morse, “There were some juveniles in the home who didn’t live there, but they were not involved in the shooting and were not injured.” Morse said it appeared the children were having a sleepover.

    This incident is still under investigation.

    While there seems to be more questions than answers at this point, one fact is crystal clear, even with the limited information available regarding this incident. The homeowner’s gun was readily accessible and he was proficient enough in its use to shoot three intruders, at least one of which was known to be armed.

    The homeowner had a firearm, knew how to use it, and just as importantly, was committed to using it in defense of himself and others inside the residence, including his children and their friends. As a result, we’re left with what appears to be a dead bad guy, two injured bad guys and an injured homeowner. Had the homeowner not have been armed, trained, and committed, there may well have been other occupants of the residence, including children, who were injured or killed by the home invaders.

    It’s often said that a gun is a tool. It’s also said that guns save lives. I believe that a gun is a tool that—when placed in the hands of a trained and committed individual—can dramatically affect the outcome of deadly force encounter.
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    I lived in LA for 5 years. They have the Castle Rule. You may protect yourself, your loved ones, AND YOUR PROPERTY with deadly force. Other than the beach, it just about the only thing i miss now. In Ohio, they must be within the walls of the house, and the holes can't be in the back.
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    What if some intruder is making a move toward your kids/wife? Ohio sounds like a real peach of a place to live.
  17. kellory

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    I will be tried by 12, before I am carried by 6.
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    Meat market robbery ends in gun battle

    Meat market robbery ends in gun battle - Canton, OH -

    CANTON —
    When one of two armed men robbing a local butcher shop opened fire inside the store just after noon Wednesday, an employee shot back, striking them multiple times.
    After the gun battle that followed, the robbers fled the store, heading to separate hospitals, said Capt. Dave Davis, who heads the Canton police department’s Detective Bureau.
    Isaiah Bush, 17, of 610 Market Ave. N, and Digarrio McLendon, 19, of 2313 Third St. NE, remained under arrest and guarded by police Thursday at area hospitals, he said. Their conditions were unknown.
    And police continued to search for their getaway car, described as a two-door, gold or tan vehicle that police initially believed was a Pontiac, but now believe could be a Honda.
    “We believe there may be evidence inside the vehicle, and we are trying to locate that vehicle,” Davis said.
    Investigators believe the men entered Hever’s Family Meats, 3307 Cleveland Ave. NW, at 12:07 p.m. Wednesday with their weapons drawn. Davis said they attempted to take money from the cash register and, during the robbery, one of the robbers fired several rounds.
    “Fire was immediately returned by an employee. A gun battle ensued inside the store,” Davis said.
    At some point, the robbers ran out the front door, jumped into the car and sped away.
    Mercy Medical Center video shows one of the men soon after being dropped off at the hospital and the car leaving, Davis said.
    Bush was found there with multiple gunshot wounds.
    “A short time later, we believe the second suspect checked himself in at Affinity Medical Center in Massillon with at least three gunshot wounds,” Davis said. That man was identified as McLendon.
    A witness can be heard on an emergency 911 recording saying the two young men showed guns when they ran from the business and physically ran into the passenger side of her truck on the side of the building. She had just arrived to purchase lottery tickets.
    She tells the 911 dispatcher that an employee was behind them yelling for her to “‘Call 911. We just got held up.’”
    Both young men were already wanted by the law.
    Police had unrelated warrants for Bush’s arrest on an aggravated burglary charge and one for McLendon on an unrelated robbery charge.
    Both men have since been charged with the Hever’s Meats robbery, Davis said.
    “We do have officers stationed at the hospital with both of these individuals while we continue to investigate this robbery. They are under arrest,” he said.
    No one at Hever’s was injured, he said.
    No one at the butcher shop was charged, either.
    “Everyone was interviewed yesterday. We are continuing to investigate at this hour,” Davis said at 7 a.m. Thursday.
    And they were still looking for the robber’s vehicle.
    Davis said that anyone with information about should call detectives at 330-489-3144.
    It was not the first time the meat shop had been robbed this year — and not the first time the owner or an employee fought back.
    Michael W. Dugan, 41, of 1539 Shorb Ave. NW, was sentenced in July to four years in prison for robbing the Gold Star AutoCare, 2820 Market Ave. N on April 12, and then, six days later, Hever’s.
    He was wearing a mask and holding a sawed-off pump shotgun when he went into Hever’s, demanded money and ordered everyone to the ground. The store owner and an employee, each armed with pistols, ran out the back door, caught him in a choke hold and beat him, holding him for police.
    When police arrived, he was lying in the street with the mask and the shotgun next to him.
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    More Ohio in the news . . . . hooray for this fellow.

    Cleveland man who killed burglar shoots another one - Canton, OH -

    Cleveland man who killed burglar shoots another one [winkthumb]


    Authorities say a northeast Ohio man who fatally shot a burglar in his home in November shot another man who broke into his home this week.
    Police say the latest intruder was shot Monday morning in Miodrag Burgarcic’s house in Cleveland. He was taken to the hospital with an arm wound. Burgarcic told officers he was holding the burglar at gunpoint and fired when the suspect tried to hit him with a lamp.
    The Plain Dealer reports that Burgarcic fatally shot a 43-year-old knife-wielding burglar in the chest after finding the man in his home Nov. 21. No charges were filed.
    The prosecutor’s office will review the circumstances of the latest shooting.
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    Here's a converse story of a possible outcome if you DON'T have a weapon. We'll call this the Piers Morgan 'hide-in-the-corner' approach to dealing with home invasions.

    So, how would the Brady Campaign respond to such an event? Some mumbo-jumbo about how the burglers shouldn't have had weapons. ...but, they do, and they are evil and don't care about laws . . . add another, they'll probably give up. So, YES, let's end gun violence . . . by shooting the mofos before they have a chance to shoot us.

    Police: Hiding woman shot during Fairburn burglary |

    FAIRBURN, Ga. —
    A Fairburn woman was shot multiple times by burglars who stormed into her home early Friday morning.

    Police said they received a frantic 911 call from a home on Estonian Drive just after midnight.

    “She was home alone and she advised that she could hear someone breaking into her house,” Detectives Melissa Parker of the Fulton County Police Department said.

    Right after the woman called for help, police said the burglars scrambled through her home and tracked her down.

    “She hid at a location in her house, but the perpetrators located her and shot her,” Parker said.

    Police said the burglars stole several items before fleeing in a Honda.

    The victim is listed in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

    Detectives said they are hoping the burglars left behind fingerprints.
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