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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by chelloveck, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Wouldn't matter in my case, I carry so much in my pockets to work with that it would be a real Crap Shoot for any one to try and guess correctly. Mostly my Ruggidized Cell Phone looks most like a Gun, thus it is a good mis direction source for others to zoom in on the wrong item.

    Works for me.
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    Gun ? What gun ? That's my colostomy bag ! Wanna see ? [OO]

    * awkward looks from both parties* NO!!

    Conversation changed. [tongue]
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    I take a viagra every morning and one in the afternoon. No one notices the gun "print". [kissit]
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    Here is "a disaster waiting to happen" for the guys if you don't know what your doing, Thunderwear. I have one of these and it works great if your wearing shorts. When using this holster I NEVER have a round in the pipe, for obvious reasons. Better to take an extra second to chamber a round then have one go off down there.

    Thunderwear: Holsters Gun Holsters
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    Hey, where's your sense of adventure?
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    That particular sense of adventure goes away as soon as the dropleg holster gets put away.
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    I do have a sense of adventure, but not when it could take out my buddy and the twins, LOL.
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    I've worn"Thunderwear" all my life and never paid extra for it. The wife calls me Vulcan Pants. :)-)
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    To keep you from peeing on your shoes? biglaff
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    Another important tell from a cop's perspective is that if someone approaching you (a cop) has a gun, they almost ALWAYS do a 'tap' on it to verify it's position. If in the waistband on the right appendix or pocket, a right hand top or quick feel will verify it's still there and not sticking out. If you have nothing to hide you may not do the tap, but cops I know say that tap is invaluable at IDing illegal or nervous carriers of guns.
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    If you wear business suits a sound sugesstion is to have them tailored while wearing your weapon in it's normal cary position... this way any tells will be minimized. additionally if you plan on carrying ful time , once you know were you plan on caring the pistol have the belt loops modified to ensure that your weapon is always carried at the exact same place. this aids in muscel memor. if you will be wearin a jacket/coat over the weapon it's nice to have some loose ammo in the pocket of the jacket on the same side you are carring (not your Reloads) this helps move the jcaket out of the way when you sweep your arm down to draw your weapon.

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    One reason I went to a 380 (Sig 232) instead of the Para Warthog. It is a thick pistol and hard to conceal. I hardly know it is there. It is a stainless so sweat does not bother it so much in the summer heat.
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