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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, May 25, 2006.

  1. monkeyman

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    I was just out today and looking around as I ran some errands and didnt come across anyplace that still had signs up baring concealed carry. I was kind of surprised since I know Walmart used to have them but they arent there now and also went to 2 different banks and neither of them had the signs up.

    So I was just wandering if Walmarts in your areas had the signs up and where all did or places you might think would be likely to that dont?
  2. Valkman

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    I carry in Wal Mart, banks, casinos and everywhere except for post offices (and that's where you need it!), DMV, courthouses and UNLV campuses. Now I never go to UNLV and rarely to the DMV or courthouses so the only place I always have to disarm at is the PO. I've also never seen the legal signage required to bar CCW - I've only seen "No Guns" signs that I walk right past. :eek:
  3. monkeyman

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    Here in MO at least if they post any sign that says no guns or even a picture of a gun in the circle with the bar then you cant legaly carry there, also casinos, bars, schools and gov buildings are automaticaly out under our concealed carry law here. I know when it first passed all the Walmarts here as well as some other places had the no gun signs but have noticed most places, even the ones that used to have them, dont have them anymore.

    Then to under our law if they have the sign up and you have your permit and carry there anyway it is basicly like trespassing, they can tell you to leave and if you dont then you can be ticketed and after about the third ticket you can loose your permit for a time that increases with following problems but if you leave when asked its no harm no foul. I get a little uncomfortable carrying if they say not to though since havent had funds to buy a real concealable handgun that can conceal well in summer clothes. So I carry a .357 Rossi with a 4" barrel (the only handgun I have at present) in a hip pocket with the shirt tail hanging over it but it deffinatly prints if you are looking for it at all.
  4. TLynn

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    None of the Walmarts in my area have the signs up. Out here the signs have to be very visible. You can't carry on Federal property (a given), or on state property (another given). Can't carry into a school...but I'm not sure about the universities (a grey area in this state).

    Banks unless posted another grey area. Bars are as I recall a catch 22. If you are not drinking you can carry (provided it's not posted with no weapons). If you are drinking you'd better not be caught with a gun or you will most likely lose your permit (and I mean lose your permit, not get your hand slapped).
  5. Squirrel

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    The back of my Calif permit says....Carrying a weapon is not authorized when the holder of this permit is under psychiatric care, or is under the influence of medication, illicit substances, or has consumed any alcoholic beverage.

    Also listed as a no-no is carrying at a school, court, jail or wherever firearms are prohibited, as well as any establishment where the service of alcoholic beverages is the primary function. (That's even if you don't take a drink)

    Haven't been to a Walmart in a while so I don't know if signs are up or not.
  6. E.L.

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    During my renewal class I told the instructor that these were the "victim zones." He agreed. Just like airplanes. If it was up to me I would give everyone that walked on an airplane a machete'. Stop all the nonsense and bs.
  7. monkeyman

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    Actualy I think the universities are covered under Federal law as being schools. At least by what I had heard that was why the big gunshow in KC had to be moved from where it had been held for years, the folks who bought the property where it was held were some kind of university or trade school and had a class area on another part of the property a couple hundred yards away so it became illegal to have guns there and they had to move the show.
  8. Valkman

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    Sure you can - BLM land is all open to shooting! We sure do have alot of it in NV too. [winkthumb]

    Here a "No Guns" or any such sign does not legally bar me from entering - it has to be the one required legal sign and I've only seen that where they have gun shows. :oops: Any private property can ask you to leave but they never see mine so it never happens.

    Bars and casinos are ok here, and that's great since I don't drink anyway. It's weird being in a casino and I'm armed and all the security guards are not!

    That is idiotic - by that reasoning we should have all kinds of drunk shootings here, or at least way more than CA. I know that Feinstein and Boxer know all but of course we have much LESS crime even with MORE guns. The older I get the more pissed I'm getting at people who want to tell me what I have to do to stay safe (lawmakers) what I can own (lawmakers and HOA) and what I can do with my property (HOA). There'll be alot more freedom in Pahrump where I can carry into the brothel while holding my Uzi! [no]
  9. monkeyman

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    There'll be alot more freedom in Pahrump where I can carry into the brothel while holding my Uzi! [bestpost] [touchdown]
  10. TLynn

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    Don by Federal property I meant as in a federal building...BLM land yes you can carry...however, you can not carry onto federal parkland (as in an established camp grounds)...well that's a pretty grey area but if you're caught you'll get in trouble. At least up here. Again it's weird the way the rulings go. never see them up anyway. So I ignore them. :lol: Technically speaking they have to be highly visible. But, I walk into the mall all the time and everywhere else and have yet to see one. Of course Idaho being one of those crazy states that pretty much allows guns everywhere you go we're not too keen on signs.

    Heck, there are still a few high schools up north where the kids have guns in their trucks while at school so they can go hunting when they leave during hunting season (saves them the time of driving all the way home).

    You don't see that in very many states anymore. :)
  11. Quigley_Sharps

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    Used to be here up untill the Columbine shooting
  12. monkeyman

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    I know one of the schools south of here just shuts down for deer season (a week) since they found they couldnt get over maybe 10% of the kids in class untill they had filled their tags anyway.
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