Military Manuals CD V-717 Survey Meter manual 2015-01-28

CD V-717 Survey Meter manual PDF

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    The CD V-717 has a removable bottom with a 25 foot extension cable. The detector element (ion-chamber) is mounted inside the removable bottom. This allows for the placement of the detector element outside of the shelter area while the metering section of the metering unit would remain inside of the shelter area connected to the detector with the 25 foot cable. The CD V-717 originally had to be specially requested in addition to the other instruments (CD V-700, CD V-715 etc) for issue to use in fallout monitoring stations. The yellow bag is to protect the case bottom from the weather when it is placed outside the shelter area. Victoreen was the only manufacturer of the CD V-717.

    CD V-717 Survey Meter manual - CD V-717 Survey Meter manual PDF

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