CDN Foreign Aid - Oversight is bad mmmmK?

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    Global News | Haiti's PM to Canada: Give Haitian government more say over Canadian aid

    Fantino has said Canada has spent $1 billion on development in Haiti since 2006. His department, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), has announced funding for ongoing projects in Haiti will continue as it searches for a better way for the country to help itself.
    The former head of the Ontario Provincial Police, who took over the CIDA portfolio from Bev Oda last year, told Montreal La Presse recently that Canada cannot take care of Haiti forever.
    In a statement posted on CIDA's website Tuesday, Fantino said Canada's goal is to help countries help themselves.
    ''Canada's assistance will not be a blank cheque,'' he said.

    Ban entitlement.
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    Glad to hear our government is not the only one pissing away money that isn't theirs.
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    Fantino is just a talking head.....he was an idiot head of the OPP, promoted to his level of incompetence it would seem
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