Celebrity Gun Manufacturer Sets Up Shop in Texas,Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by HK_User, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Following efforts by Gov. Rick Perry to convince gun manufacturers to relocate to Texas, a celebrity firearm maker has set up shop here, citing the state’s pro-Second Amendment attitude.
    Introducing the Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Manufacturing Company

    “Texas is very business friendly, and more guns are legal here,” high-end motorcycle magnate Jesse James told The Texas Tribune at a Saturday launch party for his new company, Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.
    Perry toured the U.S. throughout 2013, visiting gun manufacturing firms and advocating for them to move their operations to Texas. Business targeted included several in Maryland, New York and Connecticut, where public outcry for reform of gun laws quickly surfaced following a mass shooting at a Newtown elementary school.
    In attendance at James’ launch party were representatives of the National Rifle Association, the Texas State Rifle Association and other gun rights advocacy groups.
    “Texas is probably one of the most gun-friendly states,” said David Stroud, president of the Texas State Rifle Association.

    Public support of relaxed gun restrictions in Texas have recently been increasing, with advocacy groups and electoral hopefuls voicing their support for legalizing open carry of handguns.
    Attorney General Greg Abbott, the GOP front-runner for governor, has endorsed the measure, as has fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken, the former chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.
    James relocated his motorcycle business, West Coast Choppers, from Long Beach, Calif., to Austin in 2010. He said he made the decision because of lower tax rates and the spirit of opportunity present here.
    “It’s an employee-friendly state,” James said. “Texas understands that people are trying to build families here and grow, and they support that.”
    He said when he moved his business to Texas, he knew that he wanted to branch out into something else, and after seeing the Texas attitude on guns, it just seemed like an opportunity for success.
    "I felt very welcome here," James said.
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    Looks like mostly high end and boutique. I got NO problem with that.It is in Texas after all even though Austin. Of course it might convince some of our big bucks libs to convert. Yeah, I know that's wishful thinking.
  3. enloopious

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    This is a good thing for gun freedom. High publicity and glorifying them is just what we need. Hopefully he will become very successful and people will all want to carry one, even in <gasp> California.
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    Fantastic move for freedom. And good for Texas!

    However, it won't influence tone deaf California politicians one iota. They have already yawned through seeing high tech manufacturers curtailing expansion in CA and moving billions of dollars of factory expansion and jobs to friendlier states.

    Maybe this will spark more high grossing celebrities to move out of CA and that could have some impact.
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  5. enloopious

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    oh yeah you are completely right about that but who gives a crap what the politicians think or do. The people are who we need on our side. We all know that politicians have their own agenda that has nothing to do with anything accept lining their own pockets.
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    Might make one wonder, though, if part of his reasoning is to get closer to Sandra (Bullock) again? She, after all, has her primary residence in Austin, TX. [coo]
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    Naah! He already has a custom Bike shop in Austin.
  8. Illini Warrior

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    ditto ... she finally came to the same conclusion everyone else knew a long time .... the guy is the biggest douche bag on the planet .... she moved into TX fulltime and he followed ...

    if he has anything to do with the actual running of the gun company .... get'em while you can .... it'll be out of biz within a year .... that guy can't work with anyone very long
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