Celestial Navigation

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Dunerunner, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Yup! Its required!
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    Ursa minor needs to be in the pic also. Although with the amount of light pollution at night most people can't see it anyway.
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    Dung beetles navigate by stars also. I always thought that was a pretty cool aspect of a dung beetle
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    All ya need is a star compass, and good charts, and thats being fancy, realy only need a star compass.
  6. You can use Ursa major (aka the big dipper) as a clock too.
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    That must be why I get around so well,,,,,,:eek: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,[lolol][lolol]
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    Any time the Big Dipper is not visible, below your horizon, you can also use Cassiopeia, which is on the other side of Polaris from the Big Dipper. One or the other is always visible in a clear night sky.
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    It is in the OP, turning around Polaris. Not too useful for navigation, but helpful finding other indicators.

    @DKR A sextant is not too useful for land nav (but you know that) unless you can figure out a good artificial horizon. Bowditch is NOT a self teaching book, but if you can dredge thru it, that is essentially the complete knowledge of navigation, sea or land. For the average monkey with no particular interest in intercontinental sailing, dead reckoning on land will (normally) be more than sufficient with good maps, a good compass, and good boots.
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    Better video showing the little dipper
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    I'm interested as well, and would appreciate answers to these questions:

    1. Which are the "morning" stars? Why?
    2. Which are the "evening" stars? Why?
    3. If I'm north of the equator, can I find my lattitude by measuring the angle on the North Star? Is that all I need to do?
    4. How is the Southern Cross used for navigation? Is there a "southern" pole star?
    5. How much distance is a minute of longitude at the equator? A second? In other words, how accurate a clock do I need?
    6. If I listen to WWV or CHU for my time, does propagation delay affect the longitude measurement? How much?
    7. When did the old Degrees-minutes-seconds system turn into decimal degrees? Why?
    8. How long is "nautical" twilight?

    William Warren
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    Google is your friend.....
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