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    Exactly correct. Also, you cell phone will not interfere with medical equipment. In fact, nurses in intensive care use one or more radio devices (like Vocera) to be in constant communication, and ICU's are about as intensive a location for medical equipment as you will get outside the OR.

    Years ago it may have been the case, but the concern was mostly out of fear. The signs are likely still posted for legal reasons than anything else - if they took the signs down it could be considered that they were "endorsing" cell phone use. Enter a lawyer looking for money and an unhappy patient for whatever reason. Cheaper just to leave the sign up.
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    Only a Federal Entity can operate ANY Jammer, on ANY Frequency, and even then, they are REQUIRED, to get Approval, from the Office Of Science & Technology, IN WRITING. (which is the WhiteHouse Entity, that has control over ALL Federal RF Deployments) The StingRay Devices used today, are such a quasi Legal use of an Interfering Device. These can ONLY Be Operated by a Federal Entity, and any use of such a Device, by a State or Local Entity or Person, is a Federal Felony. The same is true for any JAMMERS. even including Hospitals, or other Sensitive Locations. Blocking via Non-Electronic Methods is Legal, but Active Jamming is a Felony.
    There was a case a few years back, where a Federal Prison installed a CellPhone Jammer, to keep contraband CellPhones, OffLine, inside the Prison. The FCC was called in to investigate, by local Prison Neighbors. The local EIC sat out front with the DF Truck, and DF'd the Jammer as coming from the Prison. He had NO Jurisdiction, so he got the local US Marshal to go with him, to locate the Device. The Warden admitted that he had the Jammer installed, and when asked for his documentation of USE, from the Office of Science and Technology, he just gave them a Blank Look. He was replaced the next Day, and the Device was removed, because he couldn't convince the OoS&T that there was a Valid Reason for the Device, and he had violated the Federal Policy, of Using such a Device without Proper Authorization.
    If you suspect a State or local Cop of jamming your CellPhone, you need to DOCUMENT everything, via Time & DateStamped Video, including Location, Vehicle Identification, Officer Involved, ALL Pectinate Data about the AREA of Disruption, including if it moves with the Vehicle in question. Then submit that, in Writing, to the nearest FCC Field Office, as an "Official Complaint" either in Person, or by Registered USPS Mail. Even if the local EIC (Engineer in Charge) decides to give the Cops a "Heads Up" he will give them the LAW, and likely tell them that if he gets another complaint, he will be back with a US Marshal, to Investigate. That usually stops the Illegal Activities, for a while. It sure did in Florida, where the US Marshals went in and seized, (along with ALL the Data, and Files Collected) the StingRays being used by the State and local Cops, before the FCC got there, the next morning, with a Federal Court Order to confiscate everything, and bring it into the US District Court. Those Devices have never surfaced again, and NO ONE, will admit that they EVER Existed in the First Place. Funny How stuff like that happens....
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    The trucker might have installed an "FM Radio Converter" to play his iphone/ipod/whatever tunes through his truck's stereo system. It's a miniature FM transmitter that's tuned to an FM channel such as 88.1 MHz, and it "broadcasts" the music from a portable player so that the truck's built-in receiver can pick it up. If the converter was set to broadcast on or next to the channel your car's FM receiver was tuned to, that would cause the problem.


    William Warren
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    Yet I've stayed in hotels that would jam my hotspot to try to force me to pay for an Internet connection...
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    .GOV has the largest & I have seen the testing . Used at the 2010 winter Olympics.
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    Just like the speeding cop on the interstate....who's gonna stop him.
    There is a Sheriffs office north of me that has been operating 4 UHF frequencies on a license that expired in 1989. The FCC does nothing. Thet dole out just enough fines each year and just enough warnings to justify their existence. They do not have the manpower to investigate anything other than the most blatant of violations. This told to me "off the record" by an Atlanta agent. You can also easily find many Public Service freqs that have not narrowbanded. Oversight? I'm in the communications business so I can't raise too much stink. We all know what happens when a civilian shows the gov the err of their ways.
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    EXACTLY @Tempstar .... The FCC is mostly a Paper Tiger, these days... However, If one makes "An Official Complaint" in Writing, and Filed In Person, at an FCC Field Office, they WILL Investigate, and Correct, the Issue.... It is just that very few Folks ever go this route, so mostly the FCC just skates on everything, unless it is a "Safety of Life or Property" Issue....
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