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    That's cool. I'm wondering how HSA is going to destroy this . . . if this technology works, wouldn't it be extremely easy for "terrorists" (aka, old, angry white dudes) to talk freely without having their messages intercepted? Who needs the 4th Amendment when you have terrorists running loose, eh?
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    Looks like one could do the same thing with Skype, on a VPN SSL based link. doesn't seem to be anything very new here..... They just get setup a VoIP call,
    and then use Off the Shelf RSA Encryption to secure the VoIP Link. to the unInitiated it looks like Magic, but the technology has been around since Phil Zimmerman published the original RSA Stuff in 1991.... It is useless, if the Internet goes south.... ..... YMMV....
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    My guess is yours is higher than level 1 encryption.

    Use the phone and the towers know roughly where the phone is.
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    From Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP: Zfone Project Home Page
    Used to work well with Gizmo but will not work with Skype due to the proprietary structure.

    BT, I do not believe that Skype from (mobile) device to device can be routed through SSL.
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    Anyone know what the license costs?

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    CellCrypt is a "Level 1" encryption. This means it is only "moderately secure".
    The reason it doesn't warrant any export restrictions is because it isn't really secure.
    Hacking/Cracking this CellCrypt is like going to Kindergarten (all you have to do is try).
    But if you are worried about "Small Town Hotshot Wannabe local Law Enforcement using a scanner to listen to your calls" It will work.
    But then you have to worry about that same "wannabe" sending in a signet report through the FBI database identifying "possible observed terrorist activities" - Which "Will" get attention.
    If you don't want the government monitoring your calls - "Don't Make Any!!"
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