Cellular phone opinions, what's better than the iphone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pineknot, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Pineknot

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    I have an iphone and I am looking for other options that will offer better flexibility. I have alway had the iphone since they first come out because I went with the underdog (Apple, from a general view) because they offered the best product in my opinion. Please share your experience with iPhone or other phones in comparison
  2. melbo

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    I've had iPhones since 2008 and used them exclusively.
    I was actually thinking of switching to Android and was looking at the HTC One M8.

    I got a chance to play with one last week and am still undecided.

    One problem is that Apple's 'walled garden' prohibits flexibility but that same walled garden also protects you from malware which is increasingly more common in Android. I'm interested to hear what others have to say.
  3. BTPost

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    I still am using the Motorola FlipPhone that I scored 10 years ago.... However, MOmma has had a series of iPhones, and an iPad now for a year or two. They just work.... We have both had iTouch models, that were used as "Portable Brains" these gave way to iPhone & iPads for us. We sync these with our iMac's and do NOT use iCloud, or Google Cloud, at all, as we keep our Data, closely held, (OpSec) and Private, within our family. .....
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  4. Pineknot

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    I don't like cloud either, for both as you mentioned, I have used find my phone that saved me from loosing everything, I have since started using write in the rain notebooks to jot info down and that way I have a hard copy in a lights out situation
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  5. BTPost

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    Lights Out, isn't a Senerio I really need to worry about, in MY Situation.... I generate ALL my own Power, anyway, and have multiple Backup, and Alternative Sources for Power. On another Note: I was extremely pleased with the SCOTUS 9-0 Ruling on CellPhone Privacy. If LE wants to Look into any of My Devices, they Need a Signed Warrant, and they had better Make a very Good Showing, to the Judge, in Question, or I will be ASKING some Very Tough Questions about it, When I have that Judge, in front of a Judicial Review Board. This business of granting Warrants, to LE, Willy Nilly is as much a Violation of the 4th Amendment, as anything else, the .GOV thinks they can get away with.....
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  6. Yard Dart

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    I have an IPhone for work and the HTC for personal use....
    I would buy another HTC any day over the Iphone!! Just a much better platform IMO
  7. kellory

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    I have been using androids for years (company phone) and have never had a virus problem. This would be my 5th or 6th droid.
  8. kellory

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    In the news today, iPad cabinets contain nickel, which can and does cause allergic reactions. I do not know if the iPhone contains nickel in the cabinet or not.
  9. Motomom34

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    I know a guy that has an Iphone. He was showing me a picture and was able to show me how Apple knew the coordinates of where he took that picture. I thought it was creepy and invasive. IMO Apple is a little too far reaching without permission.
  10. BTPost

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    @Motomom34 That is a function of the Camera, and the Internal GPS, that is in the iPhone, and not something that Apple, itself, stores on it's Servers. If you do NOT want that MetaData, associated with your pictures, just put your iPhone in AirPlane Mode, while taking the Pictures. AirPlane mode Powers down the Cellular Modem/GPS ChipSet in the iPhone, and with those Powered down, there are NO GPS Coordinates, recorded in the Pictures Metadata. This is also true for the iPad Series that have the Cellular Data/GPS Chipset, in them. The other thing, here is if one CHOOSES not to deal with Apple's, or Google's, Cloud System, they will not have stored your pictures in the First Place. I have no use for iCloud, or Google Cloud, for ANY of my Data. That violates My rules for OPSec..... .....
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  11. Ajax

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    The phone that is better than the iPhone is the next model iPhone yet to be released :)

    Every time I buy a new phone I look at others that are available and just always go back to the iPhone.
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  12. kckndrgn

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    I've got a droid (Samsung Galaxy S4) and the wife has an iPhone. Prior to these phones we both had HTC Incredible's (droid).

    I love my phone, she hates, no loathes, her iphone.
    If you want the ability to expand the memory of your phone, you are limited to the android OS. Don't know if the new Amazon Fire phones have an external SD slot or not. But the Fire OS is a hacked droid version just like the Kindles.

    My wife hates how she is limited to using the iPhone cloud and the limited built in memory.

    @Motomom34 the meta data on a photo can be disabled. It's just a setting in the camera app.
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  13. BTPost

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    Tell your wife to get the Camera Kit for the iPhone... It adds USB and SD Card capability to any iProduct..... ......
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