Central America Seed request/swap

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    Central America Seed request/swap

    If anyone is able,I''m putting this request out for vegetable seeds especially beans.peas,squash and cool weather crops.I'm having a box sent from the states and if you'll PM me I'll supply the US mailing address.
    We're in Central America now and live what you in the west would call at timber line altitude.
    We just completed last week a 24x24 green house /under plastic type structure to protect from all the rain.
    These veggies will be going into the ground at pretty high elevation by US standards and we're in our wet season so will be in a limited capacity till dryer weather.I'll do my best to insure they get off to a good start and are cared for properly.This climate is a real challenge to grow in.They're are so many varieties to choose and my thinking was to other growers inputs and experience with cool/high elevation seeds.Beets,greens,collards and the lg brassica plants are doing well as are pole beans I think some of the Indian type corn may do well. I have some Bodacious and Hickory King out and the rain is tough on them.{avg 2" a day } .Kohlrabi and greens do well if you have any .
    There is another greater part of doing all of this as we're sharing what we're able to with the neighbors.This part of the country is more like the Alps than central america and dairy is the main stay and the locals are seeing that it is possible to grow more than feed up here and the hydroponic unit has been a success also..
    I'd really appreciate some Candy Roaster seeds or cutshort or greasy beans..
    I do have some local squash seeds and a few tomato seeds to swap if that might be a help.Thanks
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    Shipping seeds to another country is probably illegal.

    Check here for prohibitions to the country you are living.

    Index of Countries and Localities

    You might see something like:

    Also check out this site.

    USDA - APHIS - Plant Export Information
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  3. VisuTrac

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    Dude, you are asking for a lot of hurt here.

    Someone could unknowingly export a GMO seed which is banned in other countries.
    You could wind up in a Costa Rican prison as the recipient of a GMO.
    what are the import laws of the country that you are residing in? Are you violating those?
    How about their quarantine laws?
    could what you consider a food plant be considered a noxious / invasive species in the host country (No natural predators or kills neighboring plants)

    sender could wind up in jail for:
    Violating the ban on exportation of Intellectual Property and Violation of international trade agreements.
    Attempting to import into a foreign country a Banned Genetically Modified Organism
    Exporting seeds from the US without a proper export certification.
    etcetera etcetera ...

    This could get you in the international news! I for one don't want you to use up your 15 minutes of fame this way.

    You have internet access. Look for seed suppliers in your host country and try to purchase / trade for seeds that are native and approved.
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  4. skyking

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    no fears from the person doing the trade or swap

    thanks for the links though
  5. beast

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    you didnt mention microscopic critters or small bug eggs
    those too will get you in a world of dung
    look at the damage being done here by insect imports
    most shipped in illegally and unknowingly on seeds or plants
    not something you want your name attached to as part of a history lesson
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    Not to be an a##hole or anything, but I'm pretty sure that your idea while it may be well intentioned may end up causing a lot of problems.

    most countries have rules on the import/export of seed,grains, and plants. Not only to protect their own markets but to also protect their indigenous plant life from foreign invaders.

    no fears from the person doing the trade or swap

    I disagree. If someone is linked to the illegal export or attempted importation of a prohibited item. You think the government (US or your host nation) it going to just give someone a slap on the wrist? This is international. Hell, I can't ship walnut trees from Michigan to California (as it is a huge cash crop there and they don't want it contaminated with outside plant material) It's like a 250k fine.

    And you want someone here to ship you seeds with out and import/export permit?

    God love ya man but if you are in one of the countries with a less than stellar human rights record, you are just asking to test out their justice system.

    Again, I implore you to use local seed sources for indigenous plants suitable to the climate you are intending to grow. And not to import non-native species without due diligence of the legal and environmental ramifications.

    That's all I'm going to say on this matter.
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  7. chelloveck

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    It's not a very responsible thing to do

    Importing live or dead vegetable matter or animal product will get you into a heap of strife, unless you get the necessary import approvals, and they are declared to customs, and comply with ALL export and import and quarantine regulations.

    FYI seeds are living things (unless sterilsed by means that will kill the living components of the seeds), and can harbour diseases, pests, and other contaminents, which can destroy the economic livelihoods of the very people whom you are living among...and whom you would presumably not want to harm.

    AS much as it sucks....you will have to content yourself with seeds, and plants that are native to the country that you are living in or that have already passed quarantine and are freely commercially available in country. Using propogating material that is native to the country that you are living has the advantage of being acclimatised to the local environment, diseases, and pests and should be more hardier survivors than imported plant material.

    Getting caught trying to import seeds and propogatable plant matter without the appropriate quarantine and export / import approvals....WILL result in seizure of the offending items, and may render you liable to a fine....which may or may not break your bank...but may also attract a prison sentence.....you have to ask yourself, Do you potentially want to share a cell with a drug cartel foot soldier for the sake of your mother's favourite heirloom tomato. I'm sure that I could find more productive things to do with my life than spending a few years of it in the "Honduras Hilton" penal facility. : O

    Edit: The header of this post may seem a little harsh, and although I have no wish to offend or castigate you personally, I regularly watch a TV series about the Australian border protection services (Customs, Immigration, Bio Security and Quarantine services)...and I am staggered at what some people try and bring into this country...items that could destroy or severely damage our agriculture, animal production industries, apiary Industry, fishing industry, and quality of life in general....we are presently fighting an outbreak of fire ants unwittingly imported from the americas.
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  8. skyking

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    None taken my friend.

    farming and gardening here are beyond a challenge and the seed supply here is so far below a joke to even mention so.... if I want any sort of a selection I have to go this route

    the worst that would happen is they just take the seeds and they go to the local inspectors garden. has happened on the first skid I brought in with a box of seeds mixed with other foods{my fault} so it could be tougher although I've not heard any stories that would support this. They would rather go the scare tactic route.

    This country has much greater problems than trying to intercept a pkg of redneck bean seeds...[dunno]

    I'm not sure of the pest that would come in on the seeds ,now there could be a disease I suppose ,but considering that I'm the only one on this mountain that has a garden within 20 miles ,the isolation is pretty secure
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