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    Ran into an old friend last night who volunteers here. For his creds, Vietnam Vet, Corpman who was with the Marines there and then worked his way up the Mustang Route. So I trust him. A long time friend who was also one of my Instructors in University.

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    Welcome to the Heart of Texas Veterans One Stop

    The mission of the Heart of Texas Veterans One Stop is to provide veterans and their families a facility where a variety of fundamental services can be accessed at one location. The purpose of the Veterans One Stop Center is to provide assistance, camaraderie, education and information to our veterans as well as their dependents. Thank You for your service – we still need you!

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    The Veterans One Stop offers a conference room, group meeting areas, a computer lab, a volunteer lounge, and recreational facilities including a state of the art media room. Services available include access to the Veterans Service Officers, benefit and claim assistance, veteran employment services, Peer 2 Peer support groups, family support groups, individual counseling, substance abuse screening, recreational activities, financial counseling and individual system advocacy. These services are free of charge to veterans and their dependents.

    The Veterans One Stop Center is operated by trained veterans, veteran family members and community volunteers that serve as professionals, peers or mentors. A collaborative partnership has been established with local, state and national veteran organizations.

    Copyright 2016 - Heart of Texas Veterans One Stop - Veterans Crisis Hotline - 1.800.273.8255
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