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Handbooks Guides & How-Tos CERT - Train the Trainer and Instructor Guide 2017-12-29


  1. Lancer

    Lancer TANSTAFL! Site Supporter+++

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  2. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I took CERT training and so have a few other monkeys. Plus one of our monkeys is a CERT Instructor. It is a good class and free. I learned a lot about me as a person from my CERT course. Good resource.
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  3. Lancer

    Lancer TANSTAFL! Site Supporter+++

    I enjoyed the classes - made some new, and quite valuable acquaintances in the local LEO/EMS community. I also occasionally instruct Units 1 & 2.
    Your statement re learning about yourself through classes such as these is significant. I took this class, and others, EMT currently, as a life "refresher class" of sorts, even though I am employed full time in the tech world. In my long departed youth I was very active in a wide variety of subjects, HAM, EMT, water safety, and others. Followed up by a five year tour in the USCG which amplified and extended a lot of existing skills. But: until you use them, and are confronted with some of life's brutalities, you are not prepared. The classes are a cliff-note version of the novel.
    The CERT instructors allowed those who displayed interest, to attend "messy" event cleanups. Major auto accidents, flood clean up, (we've had several in the area recently), a small plane crash. I watched an obviously dedicated participant spew her breakfast upon finding a lower leg and foot at that plane wreck. But that would be precisely the sort of task required should CERT members be called out to sweep an airline crash, or any other major event. I myself learned to face myself in my CG days with similar events.
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  4. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Browsing through the documentation, the 'train the trainer' guide seems good value. Thank you for uploading it to the site's resources.
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  5. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    @Lancer in my area we have had a record number of people sign up for CERT. They had to make two classes because interest is high. Not sure why but I was asked to help so this manual will be really helpful as I get prepared to help with training.
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