CFR, Emergency War Powers, Monetary System

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    This could be technically considered tin foil lounge material, but all of it can be proven in law. Additionally, all references and citations are included, as I took great care with dictating this information to the internet. I first began researching this info long before there even was a world wide web. Much of what is talked about concerning the Emergency War Powers has been tediously researched in public and law libraries across the country.

    I know because I use this website as a repository of sorts, and I was one of the individuals doing the researching -visiting library after library. This is no conspiracy "theory", every bit was taken verbatim from your very own Congressional Records, reports, and laws.

    Main page:

    Emergency War Powers:

    The monetary system is on the main page of the first link. I used the Geocities site because it's free, and requires no updating fees such as domain renewal. You are all free to use the info freely how you choose. Please excuse the simplicity of the site...and please read all of it. In the past 6 or 7 years I have had that little site, numerous people have copied from it -but none have ever dared to disprove any of it with facts of their own.
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