"chain thread #2 STRIKE IN THE DESERT"

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    Well that died rather quickly, I did enjoy the responses, guess I summed up Afew too many steps and killed it for everyone else Sorry,

    OkayChain thread #2 (and I'll try to stay out...)
    July 07

    You wake up early on a saturday to get out and start mowing the lawn before it gets too hot out, flip on the tube with your morning coffee,
    and plastered all over the screen Live "foxnews continuing coverage of
    "STRIKE IN THE DESERT"... The Israelis who clearly have had enough flew low level across saudi arabia only popping up over the gulf of oman to be refueled by Us KC135 tankers from prince sultan AB, have released 3 nuclear gravity bombs in simultaneous attacks on three separate high priority Iranian nuclear infrastructure targets, A weapons storage area, a reactor and a design/manufacturing facility. Bomb damage assesment reports are not expected to be released; all that is known is the devices were nuclear and detonated perfectly, President Bush will speak to the nation at a press conference sheduled for 11:00A.m est. And(next):
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