Challenging China's foothold in Africa?

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    The Uyghur/Uighur (pronounced Wee-ger) people of northwestern China.They speak a Turkic language, and write with the Arabic alphabet. Most are Muslim, and they are struggling against the Chinese government for self determination.

    Twenty two Uighurs ended up in Guantanamo for quite a few years, captured in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it was claimed that they were attempting to receive military training. Most of the Uighurs denied this, and claimed to be innocent civilians, caught up in the drag net put out by the CIA. In any event, they spent years in Guantanamo.

    Here's a BBC article on those detained at Guantanamo.
    BBC News - The Uighur from Guantanamo cooking pizza in Albania

    220px-KashgarNaan. 800px-Khotan-mercado-d39. _61607876_pizza_uighur.
    220px-KashgarNaan. 800px-Khotan-mercado-d39. _61607876_pizza_uighur.
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    It looks like the proxy wars of the African continent during the 60's, 70's and 80's up until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the late 80's where America supported proxies on one side against Soviet and Cuban proxies on the opposing side. China is globally trying to secure resources around the world against future need and are happy to provide funding , military aid and materiel support to those entities that will be friendly to PRC's present and future aspirations.

    It seems like a growth opportunity for PMCs Private military company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia such as Blackwater USA Corp Academi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia et al. It is likely that the honourable tradition of extraordinary rendition Extraordinary rendition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia will become a feature of proxy wars in Africa and elsewhere.
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