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    We live now for almost 18 years in the bush far a way from civilization ( we go to there only 4 times a year only for shop materials ) in those 18 years is every thing so changed, since we live out here we became wilder trough living with the rules off the nature, because we must pass in the nature to survive here , an it is fantastic.
    Now days we wear commercial bought clothes but it feels strange and lots of animals are anger off to see us this way , and in this way ware not passing with them.
    I do now lots of research about clothing made out of reindeer pelts because we can have lots of these here.
    Now i am on the way to get started and make clothing out of these fur pelts, so that we also pass appearance with the animals, so that we have also a nice furry skin as they have and also smells like them. I
    In these way we will like to become one of them that the bring us in to their world because we feel us more off them, an animal than we feel us a human.
    Are here more with such thoughts to become a animal trough bush living?
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    Sticky? Watching
    Sounds like a great new resource!
    @AndyinEverson is a pretty good ( awesome) resource for all things skinned and tanned, and makes a darn smartly dressed frontiersmen, where as im your modern classic Slavic/ Cossack Mountain Man! Lol, still please feel free to ask any thing you like, i know there are many other monkeys in this tree that have a wealth of knolage to share!
    Freshly bathed shaved! LOL!

    Are you familiar with "Tin Cloth" Waxed cotton/wool? Jackets,Dusters, Parkas, and chaps are an awesome "Modern" outdoor option to replace or add to firs and skins! Brands like FIlson, Driza-Bone, Orvis, Shetland, Madd Dawg, ect! Driza-Bone is my goto, for hard core durability, I have both Duster and Parka jackets, and Filson double front Chaps, for work, hunting, play time, and general wild travels!
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  3. HK_User

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    And the reality for me, for now is that I need fire resistant clothing.
    And I need to not smell and offend those I have chosen to be around me.
    The cattle are easily offended by a different look or smell, a gentle voice and they come around.
    OTOH when needing to burn off last winters dead falls there are choices I must make that combine a toughness that only modern products provide.

    Only one choice fits the fire resistant and tear resistant that I have found which will make the long haul if SHTF today.
    Just got this email add. CrewBoss P.P.E.
    My personal favorite.
    Elite Brush Pant — 7.0 oz Advance Khaki
    from 379.00
    Every aspect of the CrewBoss Elite Pant was carefully crafted to look and feel just right. These pants incorporate years of user driven changes, and our own unique design innovations, resulting in unmatched functionality and ruggedness. With a more tailored fit than our Classic Brush Pant, the Elite Pant minimizes drag when moving through rough terrain and thick undergrowth. This more athletic design has the added benefit of making you look really good, in the field or in the station.

    • Roomy front slash pockets
    • Pocket design keeps flaps closed while putting on turnout gear
    • Pockets placed high enough to prevent contents from bumping into knees
    • Stress points bar tacked at 34 locations for maximum durability
    • Exclusive crotch reinforcement panel
    • Internal Smartphone pocket inside right BDU pocket
    • Inset pleated cargo pockets with drain holes
    • Articulated knees for more natural motion
    • Elastic side bands for stretchability without chaffing on lower back
    • Nomex thread throughout
    • Hook and loop ankle straps covered with self-fabric for heat resistance
    • Part number: SRP0125
    • Waist sizes 44/2XL and larger are non-returnable
    • Additional sizes are available by phone order
    That is the WILDLAND Firefighters products. I have tested a few and found that strict adherence to Codes provides me a outer wear that I'd trust to work in or to save my life.
    One consideration is that of tear resistant to the point a Cow horn. No smooth headed cattle will survive a coyote attack nor can they protect their young. I must check the cattle each day and do this on foot. One of the reasons I have picked a particular breed is size and durability of the herd. I can protect them when I am close but that is only a few hours a day. To do this the same WILDLAND clothing is a must as it will not, or at least so far, tear and protects my fragile skin and to some extinct bones.

    We humans, as much as we all like to claim to be Tough, are basic non combatants in the animal world. No real teeth, no fur, no claws, but the ability to use what we can find to keep us unharmed.

    Back to the clothing, boots for wet or dry and clothes to match, ever changing temps and living conditions are addressed by the Mil with Drops when clothes get crusty or damaged. This will not be the case in SHTF event.

    Just consider the ability to have the same pair of pants for a year of rough use, in your BOB or on your body when needed.

    This Wildland Firefighter Clothing For Sale | National Fire Fighter is what is needed and nothing else can beat them.

    My preference is the Nomex/Kevlar ripstop fabric. Only the latest US Mil Crew Clothing used in Choppers and Crew Served Vehicles come close, but they are too thin for daily use and of course they are designed for wearing in vehicles so they do not have the sizing/looseness of fit I require.

    Anyway just a rant of what you need to have in your hard days work clothes when you can choose.

    Not cheap but at $300 new it could save your life. If your go this route purchase some sewing thread of kevlar, nothing like having a good set of clothes which you have lived in for two years that you can repair with thread that does not rot or burn.

    Found on line in new and used for average of $50. Don't leave home without them.
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  4. Swedish woman

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    this is the way we go im going make clothes of this fur pelts :


    so that we going 24/7 looking like this,


    that's more the way look like the animals here with their big hairy body's.
    on this way we geting more on the same level as the animals, so hat we are the same as them end beeing animals too with an bit of human, but more animal than human.
  5. SB21

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    Looks good . You know what they say , " When in Rome , act as the Romans " .
  6. Thunder5Ranch

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    Good enough fer me :)

    10923444_861540833884387_1446758039175177101_n. 10998394_861540673884403_8492063678478183965_n.
  7. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Nice Attire Ms SW
    You make that ? So pix of Male Animal in his dress Plz .

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  8. AndyinEverson

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    So here I am . ( In the dark red cap )
    Missing my brain tan elk jacket in the picture...need to get one posted , someday...

    A few thoughts on leather clothing...
    Most commercial tanned leather that has been "chrome tanned" will stretch badly when wet and tends to get overly hot in warm climates as it does not "breath well".
    Commercial "German tan" leather , available at "Crazy Crow" and a few almost as good as true brain breathes well is cool in the summer and not too bulky to layer.
    It will also shrink back to size after being soaked wear it dry and dry it slowly.
    The other 'bad" thing is that it can get a slightly yellow cast or tinge if it comes into contact with oil.
    Brain tan , bark tan and other natural tan leather seems to be the best for "working" leather clothes...
    By working I mean hunting , trapping , or actual wear of the clothes , not just to look good at rendezvous.
    The biggest downsize to leather of any type is the cost....

    I really like my moccasins ...but if you go that route...make a lot of pairs...traditional moccasins are very comfortable but not wet proof and even if made with raw hide or "Par Fleche" type of soles...not really rock or thorn proof...they are pretty much leather socks you wear....

    Bees wax with a mixture of bear grease or deer tallow makes for a good natural leather "conditioner" that keeps it soft and somewhat wet proof...I also find that draping the clothes over a smokey fire helps with this as well.
    ( If you do this...a small fire and keep the clothes well away from the flame and heat )

    I will hunt and camp in my leathers and even have been to know to wear my jacket as "street wear"...
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  9. arleigh

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    Seems to me that if your making your own moccasins,
    one could incorporate an aluminum sole or equivalent for added protection .
    Or innovate with using tire tread ,after all the idea is protecting your feet , not a fashion show.
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  10. AndyinEverson

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    Not if I am making copies of 19th century style plains style moccasins...Pretty sure that the original Cheyenne style moccasins I copied didn't have a aluminum sole....:D
    As I said Raw Hide was used at times to answer this purpose....Of course if you don't care to be historically correct than anything goes....I care to historically correct.
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  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    Andy & Ms SW ??
    So who can make me clothes like this . My Partner / Wife / Life friend is handy as ever , I sew & own a machine (she has hers also ) I do funky stuff with mine and abuse it ,break more needle's plus ..

    Andy is bigger than I , and the Gent is smaller (belly size ) than I ..

    Ms SW , you making attire ? or is it You Andy ??

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  12. AndyinEverson

    AndyinEverson Black Powder Monkey

    I have made my clothes...Lots of patterns out there.
    For me it takes time as I mostly hand sew....with some brain or bark tan leather it is thin and pliable enough to machine stich...
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  13. arleigh

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    I was suggesting the aluminum be hidden in the sole ,no one but you would know it was there .
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  14. Meat

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    Will you adopt me? I’m tough but stupid. :D
  15. oldawg

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    I've seen some where the soles were made from old conveyor belting. Seemed plenty pliable enough and should provide good protection.
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