Charlotte Mecklenberg police exclusion zones plan

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    Excerpts from the article:

    "Despite facing “significant constitutional hurdles,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officials want to move forward with a proposal to create areas of the city that would be off-limits to people who have been arrested."

    "Here is how they would work: If CMPD found an area where there was an uptick in crime, the police chief could declare it a safety zone. Council members wouldn’t have to approve the zone."

    Council members - representatives of the citizens - wouldn't have to approve the zone. This a hallmark of a police state.

    "If a person is arrested inside the zone, that person would be prohibited from returning. Within five days, the person could appeal the prohibition, on grounds such as the person is caring for children inside the area or the person lives or works there."

    And what happens to the children for 5 days? Can you say wards of the state? What about pets?

    "If the person pleads guilty or is convicted, he/she would be barred from the area for up to a year. If the person is found not guilty or if the case is dismissed for any reason, the person can return."

    Barred from the area for up to a year. If you are a homeowner, you cannot live in the home you have been paying the mortgage on for a year?

    Your press is controlled, your country spies on every aspect of your life. Your children are fed poison in their food, their minds are groomed to be slaves in the schools. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been murdered. What are you going to do about it?

    Full article here:

    CMPD to move forward with exclusion zones plan | The Charlotte Observer
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    I like it, safe living zones and gun free zones. If we pay more taxes can we also get police on each corner?
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