Cheap, but good?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Castiel, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Castiel

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    The first knife on the page, the Classic 1 Carbon Blade is the one I'm looking at. Its $15 bucks (which for now is in my budget sadly, gotta pay lots of my money to school). As cheap as it is, I was wondering if it is good, not just for the money but in general. I'm sure its not the greatest, but its all I can afford right now. It will also be my first knife (aside from swiss army knives and a multi tool for fishing).
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    PM sent
  4. Hispeedal2

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    Yes, that is a good knife. That is the first Mora I bought. I still have it. Had no issues. Sharp as hell. Edge wears well.
  5. Jeckyl

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    I've never heard any negative comments on any of those knives. Hope this helps.
  6. azranger

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    +100 The Mora's are good knives. I personally like the 911 model one the best. The handle is way comfortable. I have more than I would like to admit :rolleyes:
  7. CrufflerJJ

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    I like Mora/Frost Swedish knives. A lot. Very basic, very functional. Good steel, whether you're talking carbon steel or stainless. Snicker-snack sharp, right out of the package.

    I've bought from Ragnar ( Ragnar's Swedish Knife Catalog ) several times, and have consistently been impressed by his low prices and FAST (& cheap) shipping.

    HIGHLY recommended, no games, good products at a fair price.

    Ragnar's website is noticeably less expensive than Model 1 is $10, rather than $15.50. the Model 601 is $13, rather than $17.25.

    NOTE that Ragnar is on vacation until 8/15.
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