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    yup just like it sayes on the tin! if you pop in to any angling shop and ask for a drop net aka crab net and you can expect to part with best part of a tenner or more,well given my tight arsed nature i decided to make my own to a prety much same spec design as the shop baught one,firstly i made a wanted thread on free-cycle ( Regions of United Kingdom ) for old and damaged anglers keep nets,these are the type of net that were once used all the time to put yer catch in till end of the days fishing,these days most waters ban them except for match fishing. Within 5 hours i had 5 to pick up locally from members of my local group.

    here is how to make them in realy easy fashion,all you need is some cable ties (wire could also be used).basicly cut every 3rd section at the rim of the next simply cable tye the botom section in a bunch with a bit of weight like steel or lead,now add 3 or 4 equally placed lines on to the rim then tye the other ends to a split ring or just onto the 5-10yard drop line.simply tying some bait in the bottom and yer done! see pics below of some i made to go crabbing at weymouth:
    and the result was 20 big spider crabs to cook up!
    give it a go!
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    I did not see any photos. Did you post them?
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    when running the fishfarm i made lots of crabnets and turtle traps
    even some fish traps
    they arent hard to make and can be made out of a lot of strange things
    your post is a good one, easy for those that havent done it before
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    thanks mate,i also forgot to mention that you can catch a lot of shrimp this way too.
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    fishnets were originally made of cordage of native fibers
    like hair. grass, vines and such
    i learned in my younger years to make the cordage
    then in highschool i learned how to tie the nets
    both are skills well worth having and i think should be mandatory
    for anyone wanting to survive in total a collapse situation
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    I learned how to do it the hard way- with chicken necks and string! Pull the crabs up off the bottom and scoop them up in a net before they get too weary of the surface. I like the idea of using traps- catching them one at a time is way too time consuming, and you usually wind up eating the little guy before you catch the next one. The wife forgets that she had the last one and the next is mine. I'm sure matrimonies have broken because of this.
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