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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Tango3, Jan 7, 2008.

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    I have a about 10-12 c/s knives or tools btw love the shovel and like Phishi I carry as back their peace keeper and SKR is my bug out knife. That being said yes the onwer is a bit of of a south end of a north bround mule and there is a lot of other manufactors in the same price range just good, I still have soft spot for theie factory seconds. I have 3 of themincluding a SRK and can not find anything wrong with 2 of them and on the 3 a 1/16 air dip? right at the handle and blade juction. IN the end buy what does the job you like last a long time and the price is right. Like sombody here said a $100.00 is not 10x better then a $10.00 knife

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    I know I would personally benefit from a knife maker, or even someone very well versed in knives....or SEVERAL people who are qualified to give me a single recomendation in the:
    $35-$50 range for a folder
    $50-75 range for a fixed blade
    $75-$100 range for a fixed blade
    as well as why they would recommed those particular knives.

    i'm not very knife savvy, and i wish i any help is greatly appreciated.
    i'm looking for a decent folder for daily carry and a decent fixed blade for field work.
    i treat my knives like any other tool, i use them. a side note a thread on sharpening correctly would be greatly appreciated.
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    Politics aside. Camillus made the majority of their carbon steel knives, good old CarbonV steel, notice its gone now. The new knives are now made in China. BTW, cold steel manufactures nothing, they farm it all out overseas . SO, even though I don't agree with Lynn's politics, the old knives are pretty good knives , that being said, I don't own one.
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    Someone sent me a box of knives that had a CS in it. POS with some of the coating missing. Still, I guess I have to say I own one because I haven't gotten around to throwing it out!

    CS rips off their designs and makes them in China and people love 'em. I hate 'em.
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