Cheap & Dirty VHF Antenna you can build....

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Aug 24, 2011.

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    You can build a VHF Antenna using the same instructions, as posted here, ( only changing the 108 inch measurement to 18 inches. As I noted in a subsequent post, if you seal up the coax end and braid, you can do away with the PVC Pipe, and use some small Twine, tied to the tip, to raise the antenna up to a Tree Limb, to gain height over ground. With VHF, Height over Ground = Longer Comms distances.
    ...... YMMV.....
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    crystal radio antenae are damned hard to find
    specially 20-30 up
    and work well for most recievers

    i meant hard for others to find when you have one
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    For years I used a 500 ft spool of #16 wire strung thru the Trees, as my transmitting and receiving Antenna on HF. It was always pretty Good, when matched with a good Antenna Tuner and a Very Good RF Ground.
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    I've had LW and random wire antennas; here, being grounded for lightning might be more important than a RF ground. When lightning is around a LW can make your hair stand up. ;)

    Back when door bell wire was inexpensive; I added radials every pay check to a Butternut HF6V vertical for an excellent 80 and 40 meter antenna. Mounted on the roof it had a better signal than the 40m loaded dipole on my Dj2UT at 140'.
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    Get a so239 female at Radio Shack and solder a 19" coat hanger on the tip, and put 3 ground radial on the bottom of the connector tilted down a wee bit. Probably agot 6.oo. Or just make a vert dipole for abt. a dollsr.
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