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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. monkeyman

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    I was at the pumps today and noticed that the E85 ethanol was about 60c per gallon cheaper than the regular gas but said it was for 'flex fuel' vehicles. I was wondering, would it work in a '95 Ford Ranger? I dont think its marketed as a flex fuel but is at least reasonably newer. If not what is the problem with running it in other motors and would there be something that could be added to make it work or say running it half and half with regular fuel? Its like 70% ethanol.
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    You will get less mileage from a gallon of that stuff than regular.
  3. ghrit

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    Methanol eats gaskets (and some metallic components) in earlier engines that are not designed for it. It'll burn, but may eat things up that are not cheap to fix. 10% (E10) is the max for your vehicle unless clearly designated for E85 or flex fuels (which, to my knowledge, all Rangers thru '08) are not. I wouldn't use it unless I absolutely had to, and the risk of stranding was worth the risk as well. The only additive I can imagine is diluting it with real gas. No point to that --
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    Well, IF diluteing it say 50/50 with regular gas would make it run without undo ware on the motor then it would save about 25c per gallon which at present SOUNDS good. I suppose if it will eat up the engine though then may not be great in the long run.
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    Diluting it 50/50 would still give you more than a 40% ethanol mix, which is much more than your Ranger can safely handle. It's not worth it.

    Have you seen the vegetable oil vehicles? Google WVO and SVO cars, there's folks out there running their deisels on veggie oil..... pretty cool. I know your trucks not deisel, but I thought it was worth a mention. Hell, you can grow your own sunflowers or peanuts, press them for oil and your in business.
  7. monkeyman

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    Yeah I have even talked to some folks who stop at fast food joints and get the oil from the fryers and run their desils on them.

    Sounds like most likely would not be worth it to run the E85 in my truck generaly but nice to know its another option that would work if it was what was available to get out of Dodge, just might wear out the engine after a bunch of tanks or clog the fuel filter after a tank or 2.
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    Running straigh veggie oil in your diesel will also prematurly wear out your motor due to the fatty acids eating at the metal surfaces. I have seen the injectors and valves of a diesel that was ran on svo, suffice to say I will only do it if it is a TSHTF situation and I have no other choice.
    Their is a kit that you can purchases that you install on your diesel engine that will preheat svo to a certain temp to breadown the fatty acids so as not to cause premature wear on your engine
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    Hey Route,

    I just want to set you straight, no offense. Running straight veggie will stop your diesel after 1-4 fill ups, due to the esters (gums) in the WVO

    The heating of the veggie oil is to keep it free flowing, as seen in regular diesel, keeping it from Gelling up.

    To remove the clogging ester (gums) compounds from the oil you need to refine the WVO. Mix the oil with a mixture of methanol and lye (called methoxide) and give gentle heat. This precipitates the gumming agents and helps convert the FA's to biodiesel. Once you've treated with methoxide you'll need to wash out the methoxide from the Biodiesel, the methanol and too much caustic will corrode the engine and seals. Leving a little caustic (soap) will help clean the engine
    The older the WVO the lower the fatty acid content and the less Biodiesel/cetane content you will get.

    Refined biodiesel is a great solvent, it'll totally clean out your tank, filter and injectors from the deposits of regular diesel. If you run refined BD, it is reccommended that you change your fuel filter after 1-3 tanks then after that if you continue to run refined BD you will probably never need a fuel filter change.

    This "refined" biodiesel will still "gel" in cold weather but it will not clog/gum up the injectors.
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