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Discussion in 'Blades' started by monkeyman, Mar 14, 2006.

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    MM takes special access to get to it, can't see
    CG :(
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    I guess that guarantees there WILL be some who will miss it. ;)
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    How about a copy & paste of non sensitive items, then we could see :lol:
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    Well if your sending out the grinder let me know! lol

    Ok, heres one for the knife makers or those who want to try one. I went to a local saw mill recently to get some slab wood and found out they were throwing away a bunch of the band saw blades that they use on the big saw mill so I picked some up. If anyone is interested in trying some as knife material I can send them a couple pieces of this. Once you remove the teeth the metal is about 1.5 inches or just a little more from side to side and its only around 1/16 inch thick. If your interested in some let me know and also let me know about how long of pieces you want, I can send them up to about 1 foot long. I made a knife from a piece of it today and it is easy to work and comes out pretty decent I'll try to post a pic of it tomorrow.
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    Ok, lets see how this goes over. I made up a blade the other day that Im not real impressed with but it should hold a decent edge and hold up pretty good. You can see it and get a better description of it here:
    Its the one with the cord wrapped handle. First person to ask for it gets it for $5 shipping.

    There you go. It was in the pay it forward thread that wasnt moveing much so it got dumpped.
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    I put it away for awhile. I'll wait until we have more activity and resurrect it...

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