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    Good morning, folks. I registered to these forums here recently and have never gotten around to do in introduction post. So here we go:

    I currently live right outside of Phoenix, in a little ol town called Mesa. It gets hot here, as expected, but it gets pretty chilly as well ( it is currently almost freezing around 50 F. brrrrr)

    Regardless, my mother and step-dad have been prepping for a long time, but their Christmas presents this year really served to open my and my wifes eyes. They got us "get home" bags. Just enough to survive for a day or two at limited to fair activity. and get back home.

    Prior to this I have had a passive interest in prepping, but have not really taken any steps, so I still have that absolute NEWB smell emanating off of me, please excuse it.

    I am a prior service Marine, but my MOS did not allow much field work (which is a good thing), putting bombs on airplanes should not be a field exercise :p.

    Currently I am in tech support, working for Ma Bells new product, U-verse.

    The wife and I are taking baby steps to being prepared, and this seems like a great place to start.

    So here am I, thanks to the providers of this board for the space and bandwidth to use it.
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    Welcome. Pull up a stump, get out your lamp and start reading. Some pretty good info here, and it sounds like your folks might have some good guidance. Get them to join, too.
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    Welcome to the Monkey
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    Welcome to the Board!
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