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  1. I am very new to forums and chatting in general. Just figured I have a little to offer in these kinds of conversations and would like to commun with more than just millenials commenting on youtube videos with no real life experiences. I have worked in gun sales and instruction in the past. Was in the Army for a few years. I am an avid backpacker. And, for 20 years built and maintained machine control systems. My wife and I recently built a tinyhouse that we currently live in and we are practicing off griders (to an extent). I am liking the threads here so far and like the fact that there are not many conflicts in posts on this site. Thanks for welcoming me.
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    Welcome to the tree . I'm pretty new here myself , but there does seem to be some good people here with some good info , and pretty helpful as well if you ask for it .
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    Welcome to the Monkey from the Pacific NW!!
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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree, i see you have already had a pretty good look around... I think you will find a bunch of Good Folks here’bouts, and plenty of good informationto be gleened...
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    Welcome to the Monkey @Ronnie Stanley. Glad you found us.
    I am curious about your tiny house and things you have learned from the experience so far. Are you happy with the house? Are there anythings you would have configured differently? You could start a thread on what you have learned from building and living in a tiny house.
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  6. If you would like to look at it there are tons of pics of it on[]. As for improvements and lessons learned.......... there plenty but, thats a whole nother thread. I am currently residing it in metal because shes heavy and quite honestly I didnt side it correctly and its not doing well.
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  7. Maybe if I have time I will write a post about it later.
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  8. Tanks for all the comments so early.
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    Awesome blog spot, appreciate you sharing. Like the homemade braided rugs. (y)
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  10. My wife will appreciate that. Thanks.
  11. I just finished a second tiny house I built for a close friend. Its a 40ft container house. My profile pic is me inside of it right after painting.
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    Welcome to the Monkey.... pull up a seat and enjoy
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    Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy it! :)
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    Welcome from the INW..
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    Welcome to the tree from N.C.
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