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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Oct 10, 2005.

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    I was just wanting to find out how much interest there is here in home butchering. I'm no expert and dint normally do every cut just like you would buy at the store but have been butchering the majority of the meat we eat for a few years now and do fine on at least getting the T-bones (I count porterhouses as T-bones also since its the same thing with a piece of tender loin added), round steaks, ribs, various roasts and burger. There is a post in the 'back to basics' section of 'survival' here for those interested but also if folks have read that and are interested in more info I just may be able to do a kind of photo tutorial late this month or early next month. I have a steer that we will be butchering as well as that I plan to hit the auction and so on to get some pigs and maybe a sheep, we did several chickens today and will likely do them a couple more times this fall, and we will be doing our fall routine of butchering up a lot of meat which is then replenished a bit in the spring to last us through the year. If there is much interest in it and questions that aren't answered in the article/tutorial in back to basics I'm thinking I may try to have pics taken as we go through this process and post them with notes, but not sure if this would help anyone much beyond what else is posted or if there is even much interest in it. The big reason we like it so much is economics. As long as we butcher our selves and look for good buys we are able to eat top grade meats regularly like loads of inch thick T-bones on a shoestring budget, aside from the rare stuff we buy at the store for a particular meal, I dint think any meat in our freezer in the last couple of years has run more than 50 cents/pound. That means even with next to no money coming in we can afford to eat steak and pork chops at least 5 days a week or 7 if we want for less than the cheapest burger at the store.
    Let me know your thoughts on this, if more info would help some folks I will see what I can do, if its pretty well covered satisfactorily then we will call it good.
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    i would be very interested in the picture tutorial.
  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    Heck yeah ,load her up, should be great.
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    Me too!
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    Ok. Like I say it will probably be late this month or some time next month when we do the butchering but I will see if I can get Tina to run a camera when shes not haveing to wrap the meat and such to do some photo tutorials. Not sure how many have seen this but I was wrong about where it was at above, it was in the reading room in the resources section of survival but here is and artical that I found pretty helpful when I was getting started.
    Let me know any particular areas that aren't covered by this one or that I may be able to help to demonstrate better with pics and/or descriptions if you could as this would help me know when to try to be sure we get pics. Thanks.
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    Well, I got a sheep and forgot the camera at first but got it out before the skinning was to far along, so have several pics and will get morewhen I start cutting the meat tomorrow. While I have done other butchering before this is my first sheep so on some of the finer points (like what cuts are where or what they are called) we will be learning together. I will let you all know in advance that the pictures are of an animal being butchered and the process is in no way 'sanitized' or made to look prettier than reality so some are a bit graphic for those not acustomed to such things or at least to hunting, therefore I was also looking for some input on where would be best to post it once I get all the pics and get them captioned and so on, in order to not offend anyone with delicate sensabilities.
    Pigs should come in the next month or less as well as the beef if there is any intrest in this one to justify it.
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