Cheese Cloth Grades and Uses

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    Cheese cloth was first made to age cheese in and strain solids out of the whey. Now we have several different grades of cheese cloth along with many uses. Below I've listed some typical uses for each grade.
    I use a grade 40, 50,60 for straining wine, cheese, yogurt, and most infusions.

    You can use 80 and 90 but i find they strain alot slower and are more suitable for soft cheeses like goat cheese. They are ideal for really thick yogurt but I think they take too long so I use a fine mesh (broth) strainer for yogurt. If I have fine leaf use a higher grade to get all the bits of herbs out.

    I have never found a good use for grade 10 and 20. I know some people use them for art work.

    Some of the finer grade (80 and 90) is marketed as 'muslim' for baby diapers or kitchen towels
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    The coarser grades are used a shade for tent crops like cigar wrapper tobacco, hops and some flowering plants like ground grown orchids.
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