Chello's Urban and Suburban Self Sufficiency Gardening Video Clips.

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    Gardening hints for a dry climate

    Backyard permaculture gardening.

    this video-clip is from a Gardening Australia series televised by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    Gardening Australia

    This website has many gardening fact sheets......

    Gardening Australia - Fact Sheets

    and downloadable short video-clips

    Gardening Australia - Video
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    Unconventional gardening under glass

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    Rain gutter self watering system.

    Despite the spruiker's claims of plant and forget, there is still a requirement to provide some care on an ongoing basis. to check that

    1. There are no pests or diseases affecting plant growth and productivity,

    2. Necessary pruning, staking and plant support tasks are performed.

    3. The PH of the growing medium is checked to ensure that the PH hasn't changed adversely.

    4. The the growing medium and the state of the health of the plants are regularly inspected to ensure that the plant is getting its essential nutrients. (The fertiliser that comes in the potting mix growing medium doesn't last indefinitely and may need replenishment or supplementation).
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    Chello, you've never looked better....;)
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    A small footprint tiny house....leaves more space for the garden.

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    There is NOTHING dryer than a Chell climate...... Except maybe that famous Chell Wit......[lolol]
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    Wow, @chelloveck!!! wow this is a lot of information you provided. Thanks so much. We make he newspaper, leaves, They work really well. We put our paper thru a shreader. This cuts down the time.

    I use a lot of 2 liter bottles for my plants before they are transplanted. They work very well.
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