chemical spray released (Riverton, UT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 17, 2012.

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  3. That is aweful; they look like juvinal delinquents.
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    Just be glad they didn't find any old mercury thermometers and dropped them on the floor. The EPA would have that place closed down while the guys in white pressurized suits cleaned it up.

    Central Nervous system damage or some BS like that.

    It's not like it's dangerous or something. In high school we use to roll it around in our hands, polish up some quarters.

    It's not like it's dangerous or something. In high school we use to roll it around in our hands, polish up some quarters.

    Er, what were we talking about?

    Oh don't mix bleach and ammonia either. That will make you cough like you wouldn't believe, If your still alive to believe it.
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    Isn't pepper spray a condiment?
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    Only for Bears... Visu, Only for Bears......
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    [LMAO] @ "..bears"
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    Didn't we have Mercury amalgam, sometimes referred to as “silver filling,”for our teeth ??
    At least I did in the 50's /60's (70's were awash) .

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    A lot of what you get out of the "Talking Heads" is total BS. The same is true of the .GOV Bubbleheads that call EPA home.... The whole "Mercury" Scare is 95% BS, manufactured by non-Scientific Idiots, who can't even read their own Research, and make sense out of it. Metallic Mercury is not, and has NEVER been, a Health Hazard, at room temperatures. it is NOT adsorbed thru the skin. If it is heated to the point of Vapor Phase change, then it can be adsorbed thru the Nasal Membranes, and Lungs, to some extent, but even then the Exposure Time is the Significant Factor. Back in the day Heated Mercury was used by Hatters to make the Bowler Hats, and Mercury Poisoning, did become an issue, for long term exposure, and coined the phrase "Mad as a Hatter". Where Mercury is extremely dangerous is when it is in an Organic compound, like Methyl Mercury. This is an Extremely Toxic compound and is the form that Mercury needs, to enter the Food Chain. It is found in Fish (Halibut, Tuna, Shark, most bottom Fish) and the levels of safe exposure, in Parts per Million for this compound, are quite LOW. There was a BIG DEAL 25 years ago, about the amount of Methyl Mercury in Halibut, and the New EPA had a giant Program to sample and measure each Ocean Caught fish, BEFORE it could be marketed by USA Fisheries Companies. After two years of the BS, the whole Federal Program was scrapped, simply because the Science was not able to test for Methyl Mercury at the levels found in the fish. The technology wasn't yet available, to that degree. A clear case of Idiots passing Regulations they had NO CLUE about, and almost destroying a National Fishery in the process. Now we know, what the Exposure Levels, are and what the Levels in food products can be, but there is still a lot of BS being spread around, about Metallic Mercury, and its place in the environment. If it was so terrible, and so deadly, HOW Come, none of us kids, that played with it for months, never got sick? I still have a couple of Pounds of Metal Mercury, that I saved from my childhood. It has one very nice usage, that I learned when I was 10 years old, and I still brew up a batch or two on occasion. Mercury Amalgam, has only recently been replace in Dentistry, in the last Decade or two, and MANY, MANY folks still have lots of it in our teeth. So why aren't these folks all dying from Heavy Metal Poisoning? Duh, only a Blond will know the answer to that.... ..... YMMV.....


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