chewable birth control..(wtf?).

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    What idiot gives a 9 year old birth control pills...??( unless they are medically necessary to balance some hormone deficiency)?
    Never realized this was a problem; sounds like a liberal/ NWO/UN population control brainwashing...

    Wonder if they come in grape or cherry...[booze][banghead]

    Designed to target the ever growing demographic of "at risk" preteen females, the edible Ortho-Novum 1/12 tablet boasts an easier ingestion process than its orally administered predecessors.
    "Mommy was always trying to get me to take these swallow pills,"

    "exclusive three-year promotional contract with teen pop sensation Britney Spears, Ortho-Novum appears poised to stake claim as the industry standard in the sexual liberation of today's preteen female. "We targeted Spears not only because of her image's weighty role in creating our target market, but because she can also help us
    sell to that market,( emphasis mine)Evil corp. alert!!!...
    Okay , I think its fair to say: THIS Qualifies as outrageous; Ortho-mcneil"

    Have we really fallen this far!!!
  2. Blackjack

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    I don't think it's population control, I just think it's big Pharm wanting every man, woman, and child to be on at least 6 or so meds everyday.

    I once knew a person with 23 prescriptions.....23! I couldn't believe it. What kind of moronic doctor, not having any idea what long term and interaction effects will be, would do that to a person.

    Answer.... One getting kickbacks from the Pharm companies.
  3. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Agreed, makes much more sense to my conspiracy hobbled brain....
  4. TailorMadeHell

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    I've got an idea, let's change terminology. It seems to me that now it is not us that are conspiracy nuts, rather everyone else. If we think the world is out to get us in one fashion or another you can see that it is very much true in different ways. If you think that it's not, as the sheeple are, then they should be labeled conspiracy nuts. After all they think the world is perfect right?

    As for this pill thing, I don't know where to even start. On the one hand, nine may be too early, wait until they are ten and they may need them. On the other hand, isn't this just screaming go ahead and have sex, we've got a pill that will help you not get prego?

    They are starting to get into sex more and more early as a whole. There are still parents that care about their children and make sure this doesn't happen, though on the large part, there are after-school parties at friends houses just for the express purpose of having sex. In an age with TV babysitters, then you can't not know what went wrong. Parents aren't there anymore. They are too wrapped up in the 'me me me' to worry about their children.

    So I think that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and according to this, the pharms may be packing the sandwiches.
  5. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    I worked at a hospital for a while, medications are NOT about healing people, their all about making money. I was astounded how alive and well capitalism is within the hospitals. It really turned my stomach.

    Not that profit is a bad thing, I'm not sayin that. But with Pharm and Hospitals, profit is ALL that matters, and that is wrong. They don't give a damn about people. No joke, that was one realization that really depressed me.
  6. monkeyman

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    As far as the being on 10 tons of different meds, if you have a problem and NEED 1 or 2 then you will wind up on a dozen. Not JUST because they want to add them but because nearly all of the meds when taken long term on a daily basis lead to side effects that then have to be treated with other meds. My fried that died a couple years ago was on like 3 dozen meds a few times a day. about 5 or 6 were for the root problems he had (and he did have a lot) the rest were all to treat the side effects from the meds he was on.

    As far as the chewable birth controle pills, while it seems at first glance very screwed up, I could see some good reasons for it. I know one case of a young lady who had VERY bad PMS and VERY bad menstral cycles from the time she started getting them and it was so bad she had to be put on the pill to relieve those problems. So I could see them being needed for quite young and not sexualy active girls for cases like that or who needed to balance hormones for other reasons that they might do. Also for women who may have difficulty swollowing for one reason or another and could not takeoral contraception other wise. Then there is also the sad fact that far to many children do start haveing sex at a very early age now days and in some cases there is very little that parents can do (especialy that late in the game) to keep them from it since it may happen while they are working or sleeping or even while the kids are at school. So you then end up faced with the delima of if its better to tell them no no and turn your back on it so that they wind up haveing a kid in their early teens or before that the parents or tax payers most likely will have to raise or to go ahead and at least try to make sure that while you discourage them from haveing sex you do what you can to prevent pregnancy if they do have sex anyway. Lets face it, how many of our own parents knew or would have approved of our first times and if we had willing partners sooner (especialy the guys) how likely would it have been that our parents could have kept us from finding a time and place to do it sooner and more often at an earlier age?
  7. RightHand

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    The medication issue hit home with me. My dad developed high blood pressure and an enlarged heart when he was in his early 60's so for the remaining 25 years of his life, he was prescribed lots of medication. About 10 yrs before he died, he experienced internal bleeding. In the emergency room, they gave him - this is hard to believe but absolutely true - 7 units of blood. He was in and out of consiousness for days. During one of his lucid moments, we refused further medication. The hospital said that if he refused treatment, he had to leave which suited him. He said he was dying anyway and wanted to do it at home. So, the ambulance brought him home, oxygen dependent and catherized. The Dr. said he wouldn't last more than 3 days. He still refused to take any of the 31 daily pills he had been on for years. Well, low and behold, after some months, he started to get better on NO medication. Within a year, he was walking again instread of using his electric scooter and off the oxygen he had been on for years. We had about 3 or 4 good years after that before he started to go downhill again but in all, he lived 10 yrs after his death sentence - still taking no medication.

    I've always believed that the internal bleeding started because his stomach lining was being eaten away by the meds. Everytime he mentioned something to the Dr. another med was prescribed but none were ever taken away. When my mom's health started to go downhill, I was vigilent about what meds were prescribed and spend a lot of time investigating every prescription, potential side effect and drug interaction and much to the annoyance of the Dr., I wasn't afraid to challenge his "authority" with my questions.
  8. TailorMadeHell

    TailorMadeHell Lurking Shadow Creature

    And the kicker to it all? If a bunch of people die due to the medicine, they would just give you the 'you gotta break a few eggs' line. Doctors and Pharms are just a big business without any worry for what the patients go through as long as it pads their pockets.

    Reminds me of that movie Doc Hollywood, I think it was called. Had Michael J. Fox in it and he was some plastic surgeon or something. Kid was having chest pains and the 'Big Time' doc wanted to open him up and operate. Big misdiagnosis. The small town doctor gave the kid a coke, he burped, the kid was fine.

    Anything to get a dollar is the basis they operate. Whether it is to prescribe medications you don't need or procedures that may well kill you. It doesn't matter to them as long as your insurance pays up. What it all comes down to is that the Pharms want your money so they prescribe any and all medications that they can for any reason that you will accept. You stub your toe, here take this upper, downer, all arounder and a few steroids, oh and don't forget the anti-psychotic along with these new vitamens. The doctors want to operate immediately and put in monitoring devices to see if the toe has any feelings that allow it to scream in pain, or they just want to remove it altogether.

    And the sad part is that people will and do fall for it everytime because they don't educate themselves about such things. It is said that before Big Medicine, the life expectancy of humans was shorter than it is now. Well, I'm so very glad that we are living forever now, as opposed to the few years that our forefathers lived. Yeah right.

    There are children out there that have minds that are broken. Why are their minds broken? I believe that it is simply due to the fact that it is passed down from parents who are so doped up on 'medicine' that their genetics are weakened. Ill begats ill. Know what I'm saying?

    I have had a few reasons to go to the hospitals and they would always prescribe pain meds or something equally needless to me. I just took their prescription and tossed it. I know that I didn't need it. It's not like I had kidney failure and this drug would keep me alive. No, it was a very simple problem and they wanted to 'dope me up'. No thanks, no way, no how. I am already addicted to these blasted cigarettes and that is enough for me thank you.

    Take a look at how another thing. Canadian drug providers. People from America saw they could get cheaper priced meds in Canada that wouldn't break the bank. They started that bit of business and who got all riled up? Of course, American Pharms. First they start off telling you that the medications you were getting were actually sugar-pills or placebos and then they proceeded to tell everyone that it was some poison-pills that would kill you. Some of this, I don't doubt as in the case of supply and demand, there is a certain element that doesn't care what it's made of as long as you believe it is worth paying money for. Though you can see that the Pharms biggest problem was that they were losing out on profits and that is something they can't have.

    I don't know if it is now still illegal to buy medicines from outside the US or not, though I do know at the time they were all up in arms about it. Can't lose out on money. How else will we afford our fancy lifestyle if we do?

    I advocate the looking into natural cures and methods of healing that were done in the old days. I do not advocate you 'chanting' over a severed foot, go see a doctor. Though that is not to say that there is a such thing as 'Better life through more meds'.

    Back to the old ways which did have some great results. That's where we need to look, instead of playing guinea pig anymore.

    This has been a 'I'm not real educated about medicine though I know when stupid is stupid' thought. Have a good one.
  9. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    OMG:shock: Righthand, tha'ts an amazing story...My dad died of lung cancer ( longterm smoker, though he quit a couple years before dieing ( we believe the chemo-therapy actually killed him.)
  10. Blackjack

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    Righthand, the same situation (less severe) with my mother. 12 prescriptions and she felt so bad all the time she said that she would rather die than go on living like that. So she quit taking all but her high blood pressure medicine and within 2 weeks she felt like a new woman.... about 10 years later now and she's still doing a lot better than when she was on all the meds

    I view this simply as They tried to kill my mother for a few bucks. I have undying hatred for big Pharm.
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